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Levertijd We doen er alles aan om dit artikel op tijd te bezorgen. Het is echter managementmodfllen een enkel geval mogelijk dat door omstandigheden de bezorging vertraagd is. Bezorgopties We bieden verschillende opties aan voor het bezorgen of ophalen van je bestelling.

Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW janagementmodellen andere heffingen en exclusief eventuele verzendkosten en servicekosten. Samenvatting Over the last ten years, Corporate Social Responsibility CSR has grown from being criticised as a management fad to being endorsed as good business practice by the majority of the world’s leading companies.

It has also become ever more complex; and the managementmoddllen of companies are ,anagementmodellen in need of clarity and guidance to actively engage with CSR in managemenfmodellen, to develop strategies that reflect the unique context in which each company operates and to embed CSR within their values.

This long-awaited guidance standard was finally published in November, as ISO Developed by stakeholders from industry, government, labour, consumers, non-governmental organizations and others, ISO managementmodelldn almost certainly become the single most authoritative worldwide standard for SR.

In only a few years’ time, many thousands of organizations around the world are likely to be using ISO as a foundation for their SR policies. ISO is voluntary, and includes no specific requirements; therefore it is managementmodllen a certification standard.

Nonetheless, business users in particular are anxious to measure against the new ISO guideline their current efforts at implementing SR issues within their overall business strategy. Furthermore, many organizations have indicated that they may reformulate current strategies or develop new initiatives based on the content of ISO This book, written by international experts who have closely followed the development of ISOis the first to provide potential users with a comprehensive roadmap to the new standard and a compass to identify where they stand in relation managementnodellen it now.

ISO defines all of the key terminology of SR, provides advice about the ways in which organizations can identify their social responsibilities and how SR can be integrated not only into companies, but into all types of organizations.

It is not another code or norm, but an overarching blueprint for social responsibility. This book covers all the key content of ISOexamining the development of the standard, the topics covered and how key themes such managementmoddllen stakeholders are dealt with.

It is rich in maanagementmodellen and benchmarking exercises, illustrative material, case examples, and help for companies looking to base their CSR policy on ISO It also contains an overview of the actions and expectations of organizations that wish to work in accordance with ISO Timely, detailed and practical, ISO The Business Guide to the New Standard on Social Responsibility will be an essential resource for the thousands of organizations that need an expert view on how the new standard works, where they stand in relation to it, and how they can work managekentmodellen developing their CSR efforts in line with its content.


Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s A timely publication, ISO The Business Guide to the New Standard on Social Responsibility could well become an essential resource material for hundreds of organizations across the world.

Ebook PDF: Management models – geschreven door Marijn Mulders

The plus-page book covers the key contents of ISO It looks into the development of the standard, the topics covered and how the key themes such as stakeholders are dealt with. It has tools and benchmarking exercises, illustrative material, case studies and essential material for companies looking to base their CSR policy on ISO The book also has an overview of the actions and expectations of organizations that wish to work in accordance with ISO This is managementnodellen first book which provides a comprehensive roadmap to the new standard.

It defines the terminology of SR and advises companies on the way in which they can identify their social responsibilities and how SR can be integrated into all types of organizations.

A truly readable, educative and useful publication. Any book seeking to provide a complete and balanced overview of the new standard on social responsibility SRgiven its broad scope of seven core topics and its genesis in a fractious multi-stakeholder process, faces a daunting task.

Fortunately, my fears were unfounded as I have found the Moratis and Cochius book to be remarkably useful both managgementmodellen terms of summarizing the key aspects of the standard and in identifying some of the managementjodellen contentious issues. Before commenting further on the book itself, let’s first cover a few basics about ISO By dropping the C in CSR, a somewhat controversial decision at the time, ISO hoped to underscore that the standard applies managementmodelpen all organizations not just businesses.

Over vigorous objections, ISO was consciously drafted to NOT be a management system; instead guidance is offered in each of the seven core topics And, how has the market reacted to these managementmoellen as we reach the two-year mark for ISO ?

Clearly, CSR is not a management fad, but is now a considered to be good business practice embraced by the world’s leading companies.

101 Management models

Nonetheless, to voice my clear support for ISO in its present form, it is simply the best available roadmap for organizations to follow in enhancing its commitment to CSR. Sustainability practitioners should be aware that ISO ‘s bundle of core topics see below is coextensive with sustainable business practices or the ESG environment, social, governance formulation favored by the financial sector. Moratis and Cochius state that ISO can be a highly useful guide in determining an organization’s social responsibilities and helping it implement a proper SR strategy.

The authors acknowledge that despite its short history, a number of myths and misunderstandings regarding ISO have already surfaced. Among these, there is confusion about the scope of the standard; its application to different types of organizations; and its relationship with other standards. The authors promise upfront to describe what ISO is – and is not. Their pragmatic starting point is: Every organization should interpret CSR in a way that fits its activities, impacts and sphere of influence.

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The meat of the book covers the four main clauses of ISO A principle, the authors assert, can be seen as a cornerstone for decision-making and behavior. The fundamental principles identified in ISO are: Indeed, in several places in the book, the authors chide the drafters of the standard for certain oversights.

Here, they suggest that a few additional principles – intergenerational, continual improvement, and sustainability impact – should have made the final cut. Clause 5, which is concerned with stakeholder identification and engagement, gets a full chapter treatment. The authors discuss stakeholder mapping approaches and other techniques. They observefor example, that an analysis of the organization’s value chain and dependency relationships will aid in identifying relevant stakeholders.

Samenvatting 101 managementmodellen

Moratis and Cochius point out that stakeholder engagement is not an exercise drawn on a blank sheet of paper, since some stakeholder expectations have been institutionalized within the law, culture or societal norms.

Clause 6 of the standard addresses in turn the seven core topics, but no book on ISO can hope to comprehensively deal with all the subjects in ISO The core topics covered in ISO are: Instead, in managementmocellen relatively short pages guidebook, the authors provide a nice mix of background material, real-life examples, reflections, practical tools and experiential implementation tips that can be used in practice by managementmodeolen organizations.

Under each core topic, the standard lays out several issues that organizations may need to address, if deemed relevant. Most helpfully in this chapter, the authors provide numerous boxes to illustrate each issue with a real world example. In part, this raises the question of how organizations should select Mznagementmodellen priorities. In this chapter, the authors nicely handle important considerations such as mansgementmodellen and sphere of influence. Beyond that, the authors posit the deep integration of SR into the organization.

Moratis and Cochius have their own take on CSR 2. SR is not only integrated in systems, structures and procedures, say the authors, but also wide support managementmodelle the organization and its organizational culture. Companies and organizations new to CSR activities will certainly find the book useful as a basic reference guide. Organizations with existing CSR initiatives will also benefit from this volume, since, as the authors suggest, ISO will likely be applied to increase the credibility of specific CSR claims.

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