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Saturday, August 05, AM 22 TCN 06 Pheu rot Monday, September 21, AM 22TCN Thi cong va. higher than the requirements in standard 22TCN 06 (22TCN, ). – Water absorption of both RAs is higher than that of the natural. 28 Tháng Mười Hai 22 TCN – 06Documents · 22 tcn Documents · PL 03 plan CVC 22 02 pdfDocuments · 22 71 02 Facility Natural-Gas Piping.

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Post on Apr views. Dien Loc yellow color: Chan May pink color: Tables and Figures A3.

Dong Lam Cement Specialized Port – Basic Design Report – Final

The results should be compiled in the form of Basic Design Report. The kind of commodity is limited to clinker, coal and other materials gypsum and pozzolanawhich are all bulk cargoes.

In the future, a part of 20,DWT-class ships is expected 22cn call. Optimum Port Plan 3. The site exposed to the South China Sea, and landed by typhoons almost every year. The area has continuous strong wind and high waves 2t2cn the NE monsoon season from October to February.

The frequency during the NE monsoon increases to 4. This is a natural constraint condition of the Sea Port. The 22tcm wave height at a depth of 13m, which is hindcasted from 30 strong typhoons from to and treated statistically to assess possible wave for a 50 year-period, has 8. This is destructive for any structure on the coastal area, if directly attacked. One more 33406 to be considered is the daily sea calmness, which is expressed by frequency occurrence of wave height of less than 0.

They are too low to be economically viable as a commercial port. In other words, the Sea Port can not claim its raison detre as a commercial port unless the sea calmness 22tcm be raised. The only means to increase the calmness is to construct breakwater s to protect the port area from incident sea waves. Island Breakwater Port is considered the best among the four. The other three alternatives have too much impact on the beach stability.

TCVN ENG Graded Aggregate Bases and Subbases Pavement Specification – Tài liệu text

The breakwater structures are discussed for three types, i. In consideration of the NE monsoon season when all construction works become difficult on the sea, and construction costs of types 1 and 3 are estimated to be almost same, 3 Sloped Caisson-type Breakwater is selected and proposed to be most feasible and adopted.

JPCDetailed discussions and analyses are made to find optimum choice and arrangement of the necessary port facilities. The required major port facilities are listed in Table S The overall other layout plan is shown in Cover Drawing.

Navigation aids must be arranged. Out of scope Clinker: Fixed LLC unloader and grab type. It is assessed that the best arrangement is to construct two berths for clinker and coal handling separately. The shape and structure of berths are discussed for three types, i.

After discussions on the effect of the island breakwater at the berths in terms of calmness of the sea, L-shaped pile Dolphin type structure is judged to be the best arrangement. The structure of the jetty is compared between 1 Platform-type and 2 Dolphin-type. Taking account of initial investment cost, 1 Dolphin-type Pile Structure Jetty is chosen. Layout plans are discussed parallel with suitable handling system and facilities.

The planned area has 4. The required facilities are summarized in Table S-3 below. They include the breakwater, jetty, bridge, silo and coal warehouse, buildings; coal unloader, clinker loader, belt conveyors, etc. The structures employed is the sloping caisson type breakwater, dolphin type jetty, I beam bridge; continuous fixed-type ship unloader, fixed level luffing crane, etc. The facilities will be operational in early The critical path is construction of the breakwater. The caisson is planned to be built on a Floating Docks and stocked in a calm sea area throughout the two-year period, and placed on site during the SW monsoon season.


Collaborations between shipping scheduling and weather forecast is indispensable in consideration of safe and economic operations of the Port. Hence, it is recommended to introduce MIS on forecast of the wave and sea conditions and post operation control by establishing Institutional Manual on Port Operations. Basic Design ReportS-6February Dong Lam Cement Specialized Port ProjectJapan Port Consultants, Ltd1 Rubber fenders when damaged, 2 Corrosion of the splash zone of piles, 3 Salt intrusion into reinforced concrete beams and slabs of the platform, and 4 Others It is very important to carry out visual investigations regularly and, if necessary, surveys by measurement equipment to detect inferiorities and defects, especially after storms and typhoons.

If the water depth becomes shallower than the planned ones, maintenance dredging should be carried out.

In order to cope with sedimentation by sand drift, regular bathymetric surveys should be carried out for the Sea Port area before and after the NE monsoon season, i. It is noted that the dredged sand had better be transferred to the downstream 22tcn, i. Concept of Preventive Maintenance should be introduced.

22tnc Enough spare parts should be stocked always. Management of stockpiles should be performed. Spares less than the quantity required in the Manual should be procured immediately. To carry out regular checking work, i. It can be said that it is fortunate to be able to find out a most possible alternative plan from technical viewpoint. The proposed layout of facilities and their structures can be considered reasonable based on contemporary technology.

It must be noted, however, studies and discussions should be continued to take account development of port and coastal engineering, and reflect their achievement into the plan and design of this project. Even the 22tccn Breakwater Port has an effect to form a tombolo unavoidably. The point is the degree of advancement of coastline. In the proposed layout of the Island Breakwater, which has a gap of m from the beach to the breakwater, it is expected that the tombolo will not grow infinitely.

It is also expected that the sedimentation in the channel and basin deeper than m, is not very heavy as is anticipated for other types of port. The maintenance dredging volume is not very much although necessary, If the sedimentation in the channel would increase, an additional investment, such as construction of submerged walls to 22tccn the channel, might become necessary to take into consideration.

It must be taken account, however, that, following the growth of the tombolo, considerable volume of sand will accumulate on the seabed, which blocks the alongshore littoral drift to down stream direction. It cannot be denied that there might become necessary to dredge and transfer the accrued sand to the 22tc beach. It is to be noted that the period depends heavily on the weather and sea conditions, and possible stock of construction materials.

In order to secure good quality of completion of the facilities and safe construction works, the contractor should prepare proper and adequate Project Quality and Safety Plan before commencement of the construction. In any case, for example the above case 1 to extend the jetty to the other side of L-shaped jetty to form T-shaped jetty, extension of the breakwater to the same direction will be necessary.

In expanding the port, it is imperative to re-assess in advance the impacts of the expansion on the coastal system, based on not only theoretical simulations and analyses, but also various follow-up surveys on site after construction of Phase1 facilities. It is not possible and proper to draw any conclusion on feasibility of the overall project only from the result of this Study.


22 TCN 02-71-PL

It is also noted that this Report has dealt with only technical subjects of the Sea Port, but no economic and financial aspects of the entire project. It is to be understood that the Sea Port Project is technically possible, and state-of the-art plan is proposed in this Report. It is necessary, however, to judge feasibility in consideration 343-06 the overall project not only from technical viewpoint, but also from economic, financial, managerial, and other viewpoints of the all-out project components.

Recommendations The Consultant would like to submit the Employer the following recommendations. According to Document No. This report presents the results of planning and basic design of the sea port the Sea Portincluding the port areas in the sea Sea Port Area and on the land Land Port Area. For transportation of materials and goods, or mainly import of coal and export of clinker, the Sea Port equipped with required port facilities will also be constructed at the above mentioned location in the South China Sea Bien Dong.

3334-06 Cement Plant and the Seaport will be connected by a dedicated road the Access 22txn with a length of about 17 km as shown in Figure The Consultant will recommend conducting additional services to the Employer, if they seem to be necessary for efficient and successful completion of the Study. Implement the Data Collection and Site Visit and evaluation of the adequacy and reliability 22tnc the collected data and surveyed results reports.

Carry out a Feasibility Study, including layout planning, basic design, investment planning and total cost estimate for the investment the Project.

Undertake the legal procedures related to application of the following two procedures: Total period of the Services was planned to be six 6 months. Actual service periods are varied due to discussions. Contract of the Consulting Services1.

Their Vietnamese versions will be submitted after two weeks from approval of the Employer for the English version. Thus, the subsequent schedule of reports 3334-6 and 5 was deferred by about one month. This revised Port Plan Report has been finalized about 4 months over the due date because of procedures and discussions between the Employer and the Consultant. In addition to the above reports, an Answer Report was submitted on 10 July in response to comments and questions by the Employer on the draft Port Plan Report.

Methodology of key items of the Services is as follows. These survey works will be supervised by the Consultant and the results will be evaluated together with those of the surveys conducted in the past. The alternatives should be evaluated in terms of: As the result of analyses, the length of breakwater s will be decided, 2 Side-effects of construction of the port on the coastal process, 3 Expected construction cost and cost-effectiveness, and 4 Others.

One of the most important structures is “Breakwater s ” in terms of cost-effectiveness of the Project. Prediction of Change in Coastal Process 6. The cement plant area, the conveyor area, the mine area are basically already cleared for construction. The process of obtaining permit for exploitation of limestone and clay mines from MONRE is currently underway.

The production plan of clinker and cement is, as shown in Tableinitially 1.

Dong Lam Cement Specialized Port – Basic Design Report – Final – [PDF Document]

Physical properties of materials for sea transport, i. This is owing to the sorting effect by wave actions. Sea Bed Material Sampling. The cross section of foreshore and the location of shoreline are measured at intervals of m for 2 km wide and m intervals for both sides of total 18 km long.