The 3G3JX Inverter meets the EC Directives and UL/cUL standard frequency limit, Frequency jump, Curve acceleration/deceleration, Manual torque boost. The [email protected]@@ terminal symbols are shown in brackets. γΈ¨2. Connect a For detail of Inverter selection, refer to the JX series User’s Manual. ( TYPE [email protected] Model X Series Inverter. Thank you for purchasing JX inverter. To ensure safe operation, please be sure to read the safety precautions .

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This manual should be delivered to the actual end user of the product.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual

In no event shall the responsibility of OMRON for any act exceed the individual price of the product on which liability is asserted. At the customer’s request, OMRON will provide applicable third party certification documents identifying ratings and limitations of use that apply to the products.

Performance data given in this manual is provided as a guide for the user in determining suitability and does not constitute a warranty. It may represent the result of OMRON’s test conditions, and the users must correlate it to actual application requirements. Indications and Meanings of Safety Information In this user’s manual, the following precautions and signal words are used to provide information to ensure the safe use of the 3G3JX Inverter.

The information provided here is vital to safety. Strictly observe the precautions provided.

Doing so might result in a small-scale fire, heat generation or damage to the unit. Install a stop motion device to ensure safety. Not doing so might result in a minor injury. A holding brake 3g3jc not a stop motion device designed to ensure safety. The material of the wall has to be nonflammable manyal as a metal plate. Precautions for Correct Use Warning Labels Warning labels are located on the Inverter as shown in the following illustration. Be sure to follow the instructions. Should you find any problems with the product, immediately contact your nearest local sales representative or OMRON sales office.

Understanding 33jx following configuration ensures more effective use of the product. Overview Chapter 1 Overview Describes features and names of parts. App-1 Appendix-2 Product Life Curve For factory maintenance only Communications connector Relay output terminal block Control circuit terminal block Main circuit terminal block output side S7: Not doing so may result in a serious injury due to an electric shock.


Wiring work must be carried out only by qualified personnel. Install the 3g3ix on a nonflammable wall surface material, like metal. After completing the installation process, be sure to remove the covers from the Inverter before operation.

Ventilation openings Both sides and top. Lift the bottom of the front cover to remove while holding the body. Loosen the front cover mounting screw.

Hang the upper side on the hooks. Connect securely to the ground as specified type-D grounding for V class, and type-C grounding for V class. Do not share the grounding electrode with other strong electrical devices.

Example of incorrect grounding Example of correct grounding Inverter Inverter Inverter External power supply input Manal source logic PNP: Power supply output Note: By factory default, the input logic of the multi-function input terminal circuit is set to the sink logic. The default setting is sink logic. When forcibly stopping the load with an MC on the primary side of the main manhal, however, the regenerative braking does not work and the load coasts to a stop free run.

A general-purpose noise filter will be less effective and may not reduce noise. Connect a noise filter to the output side of the Mabual to reduce induction and radio noise. Electromagnetic induction can generate noise on the signal line, causing the controller to malfunction. If the cable length is increased, the stray capacitance between the Inverter outputs and the ground is increased proportionally. An increase in stray capacitance causes high-frequency leakage current to increase, affecting the current detector in the Inverter’s output unit and peripheral devices.

At source logic mA max.


Contact The figure below illustrates the wiring of the sink logic. Below are the contact specifications of the relay output. Be sure to install it inside the control panel. Chapter 3 Operation Test Run Procedure Doing so may result in a serious injury due to an electric shock.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual Page 197

Do not operate the Digital Operator or switches with wet hands. Key sequence Display example Description k0. Enter key To change the set value, be sure to press the Enter key. Increment key Also, increases the set value of each function. Factory Default Operation Procedure Example: The data of the set monitor is displayed.


The code of the monitor mode is displayed as “d”. The code of the basic function mode is displayed as “F”. The extended function mode is displayed as “A”. Factory Default Change the A setting. The code of the monitor mode is displayed as “A”. Change the function code. Factory Default “A” is displayed. Change the 1st digit of the function code. With this key, you can always change the display as follows. Data nanual not stored by pressing the Mode key.

Press the Enter key to store the data. If a parameter for an extended function code is stored after pressing the Enter key, however, that code A, b, C, d, or H appears at the next power-on. FV input only FI input only A FV start frequency 0. Manual torque boost only A upper limit frequency Frequency lower 0. Normal operation A selection Frequency matching start Trip after frequency matching deceleration stop Allowable b Disabled b selection Enabled in constant speed operation selection 1.

Disabled stop function at b Enabled Stop momentary power Enabled Restart interruption Starting voltage of non-stop function b 0. Disabled Free-run stop FW forward Multi-function RV reverse C input 1 selection CF1 multi-step speed setting binary 1 CF3 multi-step speed setting binary 3 C FA1 constant speed arrival signal Multi-function FA2 over set frequency arrival signal C output terminal P1 OL overload warning selection OD excessive Nanual deviation. The monitor LED indicator “Hz” lights up while d is displayed.

Displays in increments of 0. Mahual Current Monitor [d] Displays the output current value of the Inverter. C to C contact selection are excluded. Example Multi-function input terminals S4, S2: The monitor LED indicator “V” lights up. Displays in increments of 1 V. The most recent trip is displayed on trip manhal 1. For other methods, refer to the [A] section in “Frequency Reference Selection” Function name Data Default setting Unit Frequency reference Digital Operator F 2nd frequency Be careful, especially if you set a base frequency at below 50 Hz.

Otherwise, the motor may burn out.