View and Download Alesis ADAT-HD24 reference manual online. hard disk recorder. ADAT-HD24 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. designed to help users of the Alesis ADAT HD24 recorder perform daily tasks that Hopefully the software and this manual help you get the most out of your. VERSION APPLIES TO ADAT HD24 SOFTWARE VERSION AND ABOVE This document covers only those aspects unique to the EC-2 cards and should be kept with the HD24 manual. Using the HD24/EC-2 with the Alesis AI

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To quit FTP server mode We believe in our products, because we’ve heard the results that creative people like you have achieved with them.


One of Alesis’ goals is to make high-quality studio equipment available to everyone, and this Reference Manual is an important part of that. Superb sonic performance was a base-line objective for Alesis.

The HD24 provides 24 tracks of high-resolution bit uncompressed linear recording at standard sample rates of Recording time per each 10 gigabytes 48kHz: While it’s a good idea to read through the entire manual once carefully, those having general knowledge about studio equipment should use the table of contents to look up specific functions. Safety symbols used in aless product Alexis symbol alerts the user that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in the literature accompanying this unit.

This symbol warns the user of uninsulated voltage within the unit that can cause dangerous electric shocks. Beim Benutzen dieses Produktes beachten Alewis bitte die folgenden Sicherheitshinweise: German Lesen Sie die Hinweise. Halten Sie sich an die Anleitung.

Beachten Sie alle Warnungen. Beachten Sie alle Hinweise. Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. Get the drive ready Mount and select the hard drive When you first turn on the power, the HD24 will automatically mount the last drive that was selected in the system.

Mounting means that the system recognizes the disk, has powered it up, and can communicate with it. If you have two hard drives installed, only one will be mounted. The display should look like this: IDE drive of any size, from almost any manufacturer see your Alesis dealer for details. Additional drive caddies are available from your Alesis dealer, so you can instantly swap out projects, just as conveniently as tape.

Never pull a drive caddy out unless its LED is Press to remove the region leaving silence on the trackto copy it without COPY removing it. This does different things, depending on what’s going on at the time. Mounting on a Shelf or Non-Rack Enclosure Do not substitute any other type of AC cord; IEC-spec cables of various lengths may be purchased from electronics stores or your Alesis dealer. The ground connection is an important safety Outputs from the HD24 hdd24 a mixing console: Most affordable analog consoles don’t have 24 outputs.

Even those with 24 or 32 tape alesls usually have only eight busses or group adta. Luckily, the HD24 is designed so it can still be used with eight, four, or even two-bus consoles, thanks to a feature called Insert the plugs in the jacks a few times, to clean the internal jack contacts.


Although Alesis does not endorse any specific product, certain chemicals, when applied to electrical connectors, are claimed to improve the electrical contact between connectors. Up to five HD24s can be linked, making a track system. This requires a male-to-male, 9- pin D connector cable for each additional machine in the chain.

Use only Alesis-approved Sync cables, available in various lengths from your dealer. Improper cables such as those alesi for computers correctly. Remove the clear, plastic tube covering each end of the optical cable if present. Connect one end of the fiber optic cable into the jack of the HD If the display looks something like this: To name a Song: With up to 64 possible Songs on a drive, it’s a good idea to give each one a unique name that will help you find the tracks you need.

Names may be up to 10 characters long. It takes only a few seconds. The process involves selecting a song see previous tutorialputting one or more tracks into record-ready, adjusting record levels on your mixer, setting the input monitor mode, locating to the start time and engaging Transport Buttons During recording and playback, the following transport buttons are used frequently. Get familiar with them by using them while watching wlesis TIME counter.

Press once adzt jump back five seconds; A track is considered: Levels within 6 alesus 1 bit of clipping are shown in yellow. Playback There are several ways to quickly play back your recording.

To play back a recording: Locating Up to 24 time positions can be stored in each Song for easy recall.

Alesis ADAT-HD24 Reference Manual

Each of the 64 Songs has its own xlesis Locate Points plus its own “zero” Press to begin playback. The current time position is transferred into the next Locate Point, shown in the lower right hand side of the display, i. Auto Play When this function is on, the HD24 will begin playback automatically after any Locate button alfsis Store the position where you want the loop to begin into Locate 1.

Refer to the previous section for instructions. Automated Recording So far, all of your recording has been done manually — you pressed the transport buttons when you wanted to start and stop recording. Auto recording stops and starts recording automatically at predetermined times.

Mounting and selecting a drive One of the key strengths of the ADAT HD24 is its easily-removable hard drives; in fact it was our goal to make the drive caddies similar to ADAT tapes in their transportability and low cost. Your system becomes much more flexible when you add additional drives. Adding additional drives You can obtain additional Manua drive caddies from your Alesis dealer. You may install hard disks in a caddy yourself, or the dealer may have them available with disks installed.

Press the L button to begin formatting the drive. If, upon trying to select a drive for use, the machine determines that a disk’s format is invalid, the display will prompt: Pull the empty drive caddy from the Bd24 Open the top of the caddy by sliding it backwards.


Use only Alesis-manufactured drive caddies in the HD While hard drives can run for thousands of hours without maintenance, and store data without decay for many years, hard drive One of the key benefits of recording to a hard disk recorder such as the HD24 is the ability to edit your performance. The HD24 allows you to copy a perfect rhythm guitar part to every chorus, move a bass solo to a later chorus, even undo a bad edit. This section will introduce you to the editing controls on the HD24, then walk you through some common editing techniques.

This section will explain how to make the most of these functions. This audio can then be pasted elsewhere in the song.

he24 Cutting entire tracks Instead of cutting between the Edit Start and Edit End points, it is possible to cut the entire track or tracks selected for editing. This is often used to copy tracks from an 8-track song into a track song for more available tracks. You could use this technique to save a copy of a song, so that aldsis original stays untouched; Multiple levels of undo are available with certain restrictions on size.

Undo Last Track Paste? The display should aldsis This would happen if the sample number jumps drastically from the original material to the pasted material. Your Alesis dealer can install an optional upgrade kit that allows analog input and output at the higher sample rate see page Without this option, It can control multiple transports, arm up to tracks in a system, receive and generate SMPTE time code, and slave an ADAT system to time code, video, and word clock.

When you’d use Ethernet and the HD24 Ethernet is a method for connecting multiple computers and peripherals such as printers and disk arrays in a network.

Most offices tie their computers together in a network so they can share files and software between them, and all print to a central, shared printer. Your computer may also need additional hardware and software. The HD24’s Ethernet connection is designed acat be used with 10Base-T systems, since these are the type most commonly available.

To learn more about general networking issues, open the manual for your computer, and check web sites such as: The World of Windows Networking http: HD24 only when the power is off to avoid damage. Read the instructions that came with your alexis regarding Ethernet connections and operation. Alesis is not responsible for damage to hardware alesiss software caused by improper connection or operation.

These instructions assume that your Macintosh is NOT connected already to a network. If you’re already on a network, you may need to follow special instructions from the person in charge of it. To turn on AppleTalk: If you’re not already doing that: