It’s another silly doing the rounds, but taking bicarbonate of soda is unlikely to alkalise your blood – it may just neutralise your stomach acid. Excerpts from “Alkalize or Die”, by Dr. T.A. Baroody, Jr. ACIDOSIS is the basic foundation of all disease. We need to understand the simple process of alkalizing . Alkalize or Die by Theodore A. Baroody. This page paperback shares the author’s comprehensive research and clinical findings which indicate that illness .

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Eat lots of fast food? An alkaline system creates an ideal heart function. If there are more chairs than people all then all is sweet. He advises drinking lots of water, another myth. October 7, nikki No comments. Well, how did all the working-poor medical researchers miss od one? If that sounds a bit too much like high school chemistry the just imagine a game of musical chairs.

Alkalise or Die

View all 9 comments. I read it on the plane back home and realized that I was acid high.

If your environment is polluted with chemicals, dust, smoke, pet dander, mold, micro-organisms, then much of your energy reserve will go just in detoxifying.

The uninterrupted flow of chyle into the system is crucial. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The Acid-Alkaline Balance The healthy blood pH level of the human body is a slightly alkaline range of 7.

Have you ever been so upset with someone or something that you get an upset stomach? Prepare alkaline-forming meals using the 21 day meal planner.


They start at the ends of the DNA strands. Actually, no, not really. This book did help to shore up a healthy habit. Chart from The Wolfe Clinic. Of course you can also explore all the yummy smelling things in our shop like skin care, candles, essences and incense. Its not even that I don’t agree with the concepts in the book, but he provides nothing convincing to support them: Thanks for telling us about the problem. People who are acidic usually feel worse from exercise because their detoxification organs are not working properly due to excessive acid in the tissues.

Alkalize or Die: Superior Health Through Proper Alkaline-Acid Balance by Theodore A. Baroody

If your body becomes acidic from stress, toxins and the types of food we eat, the same thing happens within our body. The products mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Correct heartbeat is altered by acid wastes. What Makes a Person Too Acidic? Years before reading this book, and knowing somewhat about the alkaline principle from Cayce, I roughly ate an alkaline diet as a vegetarian for t Moody Baroody is not going to change his title, but this somewhat hard line guy has a valid point anyway.

There are few recipes in this book, and what kind suplements, foods, vegetables, and Fruits that can help your body to be alkalize.

In general, it is important to eat a diet that contains both acidic and alkalizing foods. If we cannot get a good read on the state of our body tissues, how can we know what they need?

Jan 22, Nick Woodall rated it it was ok Shelves: This book was recommended to me by trusted, “get it” people and I come back to it repeatedly to readjust and get a sense of the power of alternative modalities.


Eating seventy to eighty percent fruits, veggies, and milk products if you do so is a really big factor in staying healthy. He claims that you’ll easily live to years old following his dietary and spiritual purification manual Healthy people have systems that are in pH balance.

Sie jednostavno pisana knjiga o zdravlju koju bih preporucila svima koji imaju bilo kakvih zdravstvenih tegoba. Supplements are not necessary. Aug 07, P. They are concentrated ir can create dangerous imbalances.

Maybe he is refering to Biblical times when food wasn’t so modified, etc. Ironically, even citrus fruits, which most would alkalse acidic, are actually alkalizing in the body. When it comes to blood acidity, your body tends to be a little more acidic after an activity where the breathing has slowed hypo-ventilation because you are alkaliwe — such as yoga or meditation.

Therefore, by reducing acid-forming products from entering the body, the chances are better that you can avoid this oor condition. One half of the book was recipes filler in my mind. Preview — Alkalize or Die by Theodore A. A friend who is a nutrition adviser recommended this book. It really needs a total makeover.

The nutritional information matches up with what I have been learning in my nutrition and anatomy and physiology classes.