Since industrial and mechanical diction – and the imagery it evokes – heavily conveys the environmental message running throughout Allen Ginsberg’s poem, . Allen Ginsberg’s “Sunflower Sutra” is definitely a poem of crisis and recovery. Ginsberg’s sunflower suggests an America that has been. Returning this week to the trove of recorded material currently available in the Stanford Archives, we focus today (perhaps somewhat arbitrarily) on a reading.

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He largely opposed militarism, economic materialism and sunclower repression and composed most of his poems associated with the aspects of counterculture like his views on drugs, hostility to bureaucracy and acceptance to Eastern religions. This poem by Allen Ginsberg addresses multiple problems faced by the public in the modern society.

Like his other poems, Ginsberg leaves the reader with a glimpse of hope before opening up about the implications of the modern world. The sunflower has many interpretations, but is mainly a mirror to the condition of the American society that has been tarnished by its people but yet holds the sutta to face the sun each morning and become its beautiful self again.

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In the beginning of the poem, a ray of hope is portrayed by Ginsberg in the first few lines. He later speaks of the tarnished modern life values in the American society such as freedom of expression, progressive political and social thought- all that direct towards the inner form of beauty of this poem. Shadow against the sky…. Sitting dry on top of a pile.

Railroad skin, the smog of cheek, that. Or phallus or protuberance of artificial. Sunflower Sutra was written by Ginsberg induring his time in Berkeley, California. This was the theme that Ginsberg would soon take up as a basis for most of his poems.


This poem narrates the unfortunate implications that followed the modernised society in America.

He reflects American beauty to have been lost in the hands of the careless modern world but also sparks a ray of hope in the readers by reminding the sunflower which is the embodiment of the nation, sunflowet it shall not be tarnished and shall continue to shine on like it is meant to be.

The poem gknsberg based on the crucial nature ginsberv society sunclower is so easily reflected by the citizens that reside in it. Ginsberg speaks of the society in the eyes of a sunflower and names this poem the Sunflower Sutra due to its simple yet hidden message like the sutras, taken from the Buddhist term of sutra. The poem is a reminder to its readers about the injustice being done in their respective societies by their own selves and asking them to revive the lost vibrance of the sunflower back into their nation.

The poem revolves around the sad state of the American society that has tarnished itself with violence, poverty and consumerism. Ginsberg refers to the American society as a sunflower snflower has been tarnished by its own citizens. Although he speaks of the symbolic sunflower being misused and devalued by the people that form it, he reminds the sunflower of its true value and is hence asking of the reader to reconsider their actions and help him pave the way to rekindling the lost spark of the sunflower.

The poem begins with Ginsberg narrating the sad state of the country that has been polluted with soot, smoke, violence, poverty and abuse. He dictated the poem with events that have been soiling the sunflower that symbolises the nation.


He later reminds the sunflower to not be misguided of its worth by the soot and dirt all over itself and reminds it sytra shine as bright as sunflowed once had. Sunflower Sutra is a poem about the ill effects on the nation by the actions of their citizens.

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It asks the readers to analyse their own surroundings and reminds them to protect the true nature of their nation and treat it with all the respect that it deserves.

He means to provide an answer to all the unfortunate events that happen in society and even gives us the solution to it all.

With its hidden and obvious message reaches out to all parts of a society and asks for their attention to avoid tarnishing the country with their actions. All content submitted here are by contributors. Please do not consider them as professional advice and refer to your instructor for the same.

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Ginsberg’s Sunflowers

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