A review and a link to other reviews of Loving Sabotage (Le Sabotage amoureux) by Amelie Nothomb. Nothomb, Amélie Loving Sabotage (Le Sabotage amoureux ). Translation by Andrew Wilson. New York. New Directions. pp. Péplum / Le sabotage amoureux / Métaphysique des tubes has 27 ratings and 0 reviews. Amélie Nothomb. · Rating details · 27 ratings.

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Le sabotage amoureux — Loving Sabotageas it now is in its long anticipated English incarnation — is one marvelous little book. Indeed, it is one of the best books about childhood we can recall, and we recommend it very, very highly indeed.

Nothomb, literary Wunderkindhas some fine material to work with. This is the setting for Le Sabotage amoureux. Our heroine corresponds closely — in age and background — to the author, and it is this time of being five and six and seven that Nothomb relates. The great “wars” of the ghetto — epic struggles and battles — between the children of the different nations, thrown together here, stands in contrast to an adult world that barely intrudes on their games.


The games are childish and yet gravely serious, a miniature of world politics the organized East Germans, for example, at odds with nothokb othersthe consequences only vaguely understood. Nothomb uses her heroines innocence well, suggesting the dangers of the adult world, yet allowing her to remain a child.

Also introduced are youthful but never childish infatuations, centering around a love that is completely innocent, indeed more saotage and adoration than love. This aspect of the novel is very sweet, but never treacly. Nothomb is a traditional romantic, and it is a completely successful if very unconventional love story that she has fashioned here. It is, most of all, a book about childish passion and infatuation.

Nothomb’s voice is perfect, never trying to make too much out of the small plot, yet understanding that there is an ominous world at large all about. Nothomb keeps that reality largely at bay but, among many other things, Loving Sabotage is also trenchant analysis of late Maoist China. The exotic setting, the sabotahe period in history obviously help supply an underlying tension to the story, and Nothomb balances it perfectly with the irreality of the childish world in the diplomatic compound.

Péplum / Le sabotage amoureux / Métaphysique des tubes by Amélie Nothomb

The presentation is often simple — brief passages, short sentences — but, though seen through a child’s eyes, it is nothommb a childish book. Nothomb cleverly handles a number of complex themes with a deceptively light touch: Nothomb’s blend of worldly and childish judgement’s works beautifully throughout: InPeking was not the case: I don’t know sabotagd else to describe the situation. Yet I had already arrived at the above concept through my own observations, and concluded that Peking and the world had little to do with each other.


Still, I had accommodated myself to it.

Loving Sabotage – Amelie Nothomb

I had a horse, and a brain bubbling over with oxygen. In fact, I had everything.

I was an epic unto myself. Her horse is, sabtage course, in fact merely a bicycle, transformed by the power of her imagination: It is a lovely, lovely book indeed. Simple, short, it is an excellent little read.

Highly recommended, for one and all. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Loving Sabotage – US. Loving Sabotage – UK.

Loving Sabotage – Canada. Le Sabotage amoureux – Canada.

Péplum / Le sabotage amoureux / Métaphysique des tubes

Loving Sabotage – India. Le Sabotage amoureux – France. Sabotaggio d’amor – Italia.