Adobe Photoshop CS5 para fotógrafos / Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Publisher Grupo Anaya Comercial; Imprint Anaya Multimedia-Anaya. Book Description Anaya Multimedia-Anaya Interactiva, soft. Condition: New. La salida al mercado de Photoshop CS5 es una nueva celebración para los. As a special treat, we’re giving away three copies of Photoshop CS5 and one iPad to random By Jorge Anaya – PM on April 20,

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From my first desktop publishing class I knew I was born to design. She continues her passion for creativity by working on the yearbook for her children’s school and taking lots of family pictures.

What is Photoshop to you?

The freedom to create without limits, and the freedom to better myself. Photoshop is photosyop electronic oxygen, I use it all the time, not only in my graphic arts projects, but helps me with my pics, scans and almost everything I do today. Thank you to everyone for your comments, this contest is now closed!

Everything about it, I just love it.

For me, Photoshop is a part of me. Being able to instantly visualize ideas, make changes and corrections and create all new effects, layouts and styles has taken my work to a new level.

Photoshop is a better connection between my students and I. I learned to photoshop so that I could make silly pictures of my friends. It is my life and what I plan to do in my future. It is how I spend my free time and how I make an impact on anayq world as an individual. I use Photoshop to color my world!


What is Photoshop to you? | Photoshop Blog by Adobe

Photoshop is my everyday tool. If you are interested, then you are more than welcome to enjoy some of my creations at my online portfolio at http: The Photoshop application was not unfamiliar for me back then, since I tried it for the first time in and used it in connection the with coloring of my drawings.

Its my daily bread, its xs5 friend,its my tool to express my self, its a hobby, its part of my life. It owe it to photoshop!

Photoshop is the tool that makes dreams come true, beautiful more refined, interaction smoother, smiles whiter, people happier, designers better… but most of all it is what it is. On the other hand, Photoshop provides the ability to preserve the beauty of RAW photography and enhance already perfect images to make them breathtaking.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 para fotógrafos / Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers

Simply put, if I were only allowed one software program for anyaa rest of my ohotoshop, hands down it would be Photoshop. What is Photoshop to you?: For me, Photoshop is my life… my heart, my soul, my passion. What a motivation, no? Thankyou so very much! That said, I use you because there is no other comparable option.


Photoshop CS5 is the best purchase that I have ever made. Easy, fun and an inspiration for many of us. It IS my digital darkroom, design studio, and overall life-line both professionally and creatively. Photoshop is to me a reminder that little adjustments can make a HUGE difference. Photoshop to me is real life. I am so used to Photoshop that where ever i go its always in my mind and i try coming up with c5 by looking photosho random things around me that i make in Photoshop.

PS is the best image editor hands down. Everyone comments on how vibrant my photos are and thats thanks to photoshop. Photoshop is my best friend, my tool to take care of, improve, and create pictures that can speak to all people in some way or another. I use it for in-depth color correction.

It is indispensable for my work and my clients. Thanks for extending my phoyoshop, photography. Photoshop was actually one of the first software tools that I used in high school. Blank canvas, cake icing, extra bass in the mix, finishing touches, doodles, brainstorming, the last nail, the first cut….

Adobe Photoshop, is my life.