Balta drobule LIETUVA LIETUVA EUROPOS SAJUNGOJE analize apie knyga apie sawe darbsas kaip rasyti analize kas yra socialinis mokslas? laikai laiskas. [knygos] binding; [paveikslo] framing. Apdarinėti(-neju, -nejau, -nešim, v. frq., Apdaryti (-darau, -riau, -rysiu), r. a. to enchase; to bind; [paveikslą] to set in; to frame. [knygos^ binding; [paveikslol framing. Apdarineti (-neju, -nejau, -nesiu), . Apdaryti (-darau, -riau, -rysiu), t\ a. to enchase ; to bind ; [pa’veikslq,’] to set in.

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Yesterday, last October, week, nightago, when? He always works hard. He is working in his room now. Usually, always, often, never, sometimes, every day, in the morning, twice a years.

Now, still, at the moment, this week, at present nowadays. Yesterday he worked much. While, knyogs, at the time, at 6,00 last Monday.

Tomorrow he will work from 9 to 6. He will still be working at 3. Tomorrow, next week, monthtonight, soon, in a week. Tomorrow, tonight, next week, month in angliekos threedays, soon. I will be working You will be working He will be working She will be working It will be working We will be working You will be working They will be working. Will I be working?


Will you be anglisskos Will he be working? Will she be working? Will it be working? Will we be working? Will they be working?

50-ties knygų sąrašas, kurios iš esmės pakeitė žmonių gyvenimus

He has worked here since He has been working hard all night. Yet, just, since, for, already, lately, knygoe, so far, ever, never, today, all day.

For, since, lately, all morning, how long. I have been working You have been working He has been working She has been working It has been working We have been working You have been working They have been working.

Have I been working? Have you been working? Has he been working? Has she been working? Has it been working? Have we been working? Have they been working?

Angliškos frazės

He had worked hard all his life. I saw he had been working hard. When, for, since, before, after, how long, until. I had been working You had been working He had anglis,os working She had been working It had been working We had been working You had been working They had been working. Had I been working?

Anglų kalbos laikų lentelė konspektas –

Had you been working? Had he been working?

Had she been working? Had it been working? Had we been working?


Had they been working? Knybos he will have worked here for twenty years. By ten he will have been working for 12 hours. I will have worked You will have worked He will have worked She will have worked It will have worked We will have worked You will have worked They will have worked. Will I have worked? Will you have worked?

Will he kave worked?

Will she have worked? Will it have worked? Will we have worked?

Will they have worked? I will have been working You will have been working He will have been working She will have been working Knyogs will have been working We will have been working You will have been working They will have been working.

Will I have been working? Will you have been working? Will kngyos have been working? Will she have been working? Will it have been working? Will we have been working? Will they have been working?