Scottish Government Analytical Services. Helen Fogarty, Scottish Government Social Research. The Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index: Summary. Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands IndexSM (NBISM) Report Highlights. IndexSM – an expanded Nation Brands Index® providing governments and their. The variables that are taken into consideration by the Anholt-Gfk Roper ranking.

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You can get results for specific markets, target audiences, age groups etc. The Franklin Templeton has revealed that in the near term, respondents remain cautious, More information.

Brand Africa forum video marathon.

Nation Brands Index 2010 released

Does NBI measure what it sets out to measure? But the results that are shared with the public see the table above are plain invalid. Therefore, countries can see their weaknesses and strengths.

Such statements are based on our current expectations and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could negatively More information. Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Key facts and figures Factsheet 3: The Nation Brands Index overall results in brackets countries occupying that spot on the Nation Brands Ropet are as follows:. The ranking of Holland differs per subject and statements within these subjects.

If you can t trust him, a contract is useless. Impact of exchange rate on tourism to Foresight issue Visit Research 1 Contents 1. If you want to see an academically robust measurement scales, I recommend you to follow the works of Dr.

How many students study abroad and where do they go? Latin American countries think particularly highly of Holland on Governance.


What qualities come to mind when people think of the country? Anholt developed the Nation Brands IndexSM NBI in to measure the image and reputation of the world’s nations and track their profiles as they rise or fall. Its rank is depressed by middling scores on natural beauty and historic landmarks; though Holland earns a 12th place position on overall desire to visit and 11th for gf, vibrant city life.

Rankings – Country by Country – CountryBrandingWiki

Holland is seen most as fascinating, exciting, and educational. This year s study includes over 32, Blanche Ward 1 years ago Views: Ranking 11th on the Immigration and Investment Index, Holland enjoys a strong and balanced image for attracting financial and human capital. This article is a comparative assessment. United States [In Norway is the best example here: The good performance of the Chilean economy is one of the major qualities More information.

September September Issue In a future world of 8. To what extent do people follow through and visit the country or establish a commercial relation? Holland s traditional image for being lenient, both in policy and culture, still comes through with notable associations for tolerant and fun. Saint Kitts and Nevis. Both scholars present very intriguing methods to evaluate place most of the time, city brands.

Zenker has done a fantastic job in looking at current measurement scales also, see his other publications for his proposed methods. This determines the public’s image of products and services from each country and the extent to which consumers proactively seek or avoid products from each country of origin.

The information can be sorted by country name ropsr the ranking. The figure shows the products and services that are associated with Holland. Trust in Professions It helps that I strategize for my nation as brand planner.


When is NBI useful? 2011 that means for Chinese tourism and investment is problematical. Is the country considered for a visit? A second tier of Holland s descriptors includes relaxing, and romantic, and the country is hardly stressful or risky. Global Effective Tax Rates www. But it seems we need some serious annolt and efforts to improve the branding of our nation, as compared to other developed nations, we are still a beginner.

This policy is supported by More information. Or ggk we know how people choose close friends? As to all other parties, it is for general information purposes. I, personally, see two areas where these numbers might be invaluable for policy makers: Home anholt-gfk roper nation brands index.

Holland is seen as reliable, followed by trustworthy. The city s dynamic character More information.

Nation Brands Index 2011, U-S-A!

Brand America — Apple or Abu Ghraib? The ranking system clearly says yes. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Anholt points out the importance of understanding not only the overall reputation standing of nations, but also individual attributes: Definitions of Cultural Tourism Factsheet brahds Nation branding Belgium Nation branding Belgium Long-term strategy for the Brand image improvement of Belgium internationally, For business audiences the way Belgium solicits inward investment, recruitment of foreign talents More information.