Title, Metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración. Volume 75 of Alianza forma. Author, Antón Capitel. Edition, 2, illustrated, reprint. Publisher. Metamorfosis De Monumentos Y Teorias De La Restauracion Pasta blanda – Anton Capitel ALIANZA ED JP Libros de Segunda Mano – Bellas artes, ocio y coleccionismo – Arquitectura: Antón capitel: metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración (alianza .

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I arrived to the School of Architecture of Madrid in October of It was a myth, because it controlled, in his day, the part of drawing of the entry, and that, at the beginning of the plan ofalthough it was a plan without entry neither initiation, played in reality the same paper. Although it is juster to say that they played it between all.

The qualifications were very hard. The professors of Analysis of Forms were very toneless, in general. I remember surnames like Lencina, Teresa, Carnicero that it had fame of good, but that was not it, in truth Quijada this something better, worked in Regions Devastated, in Brunete and some other thingsand many more whose names do not remember or never knew. But mine, if it was not the worst, seemed it to me.

My father said that all the students thought that the professors were bad: Jaime Mehamorfosis is the father of Gabriel Ruiz Cabrero.

It is as if it was blind.

It go, there has been luck, could say him to my father: Afterwards there was another part of the asignatura that called him varied, and that consisted of to draw the classical orders, of drawing by heart or imagination, of colour, change of perspective, etc. Almost all the world did the drawing of statue taking a lot of measures and using plummet.

My memories of the School of Architecture | Antón Capitel

I did not do it, as Gerardo Zaragoza, my professor, only left us measure heads, and metamorfois us to control visualmente the drawing, with the simple help of the carboncillo. The true is that it was a glorious professor and that learnt to judge your drawing with a lot of efficiency, arriving even to know what was badly although you did not know like correcting it.

For me, the drawing of the statue with Gerardo was a visual education of prime importance and that has served me all the life. Draw the orders had his grace.

I remember an examination: We remain us all note. Well, the one who wanted to, no, had to be pairs, of course. I warned him that it taenia that xnton of number pair, but did not do me case. It was used to to despise my antton. When we did the wash had a cacharro with water and several pocillos to have in them distinct Chinese inks, some darker that others.

They were waste of the hardest times of the entry and metanorfosis the still valid belief of a number limited of people to approve. Like this you swallowed a lot of Chinese ink, and sometimes hurt you the stomach.

For the statue gave 3 or 4 sessions metamorfosls three hours. To me capjtel sobraba time —independently of how had attained to draw the statue- and happened me the last session chatting. Instead, the exercises of colour or of drawing of imagination were a stupidity. They put you a subject chorra, Platero and I; or Momo, god of the carnival, and had to do a drawing. Some time put a poster, that was better. Metwmorfosis was a trick for the exercises of colour, that had to go out of an academy, and that quite a lot used, and was to give first the gouache, very loaded, and afterwards fill it everything of Chinese ink.

It served metamorfisis resolve the intonation and was very efectista. I tested once this method, but out of the School. For the wash gave you sometimes models very new on which did not leave you draw, and if they were not strictly geometrical had to sobreponerle a vegetal paper with a cuadriculado.

The strictly said wash, worse, but gave me account immediately that a good drawing to pencil was the most important for a good wash, and like this carried it out. There were few girls, and, still less, good-looking girls. And there was one so ugly that called the attention, will not say his name. It carried a waistcoat of false leather and by behind somebody put him with a rotulador: Once, in class of metamorfosi, turned off the light and Gomendio shouted: This ugly was professor of the School.


There was at the beginning some very good-looking girls, that saw by the corridors, and that afterwards disappeared, even before final antpn course, as I imagine that they escaped of a so hard career.

I do not want to say that the men metamorfosiis not escape, because a lot of tambien did it, but the disappearance of the good-looking suppose that serious therefore; it was as it went, the case is that quite a lot of them were, unfortunately, very fleeting. The examinations of Analysis of Forms, in June, September or February, began with a strong dose of sadism, as they did not say you that you had first and what afterwards, and had to carry all the material, of stain, of wash and the other, included two boards, cspitel in the corridor to see if they called you to go in in a class, and go you to metamorfossi another with all the inmensidad of the trastos if they did not call you.

It was a despicable behaviour, indicativo that like the professors hated to that mass of students, to which did not want neither knew to teach. We begin by a leaf of acanthus in big and to Chinese ca;itel, go on down to draw a chamber of bathroom and when we went to do metamorfoxis removed it of this asignatura. I carried much better this asignatura that the one of analysis, and was quite good, at dapitel in comparison with the other.

Years afterwards Ribeiro turned into the attendant of chair of Drawing, and with him the asignatura arrived to a very remarkable degree of degeneration, as so many will remember. A day found me by a hall and said me: We were and we saw together the subject, with the full living room of students. Afterwards I asked to my prime Javier the one who was the people. Afterwards it went back and it arrived to be professor title of projects.

In the second year, in which segui cursando first, remained me the two drawings and the descriptive, that put then in first, but that in the first year of the plan had not done capihel. To second course had happened 25, almost all —by not saying all- enchufados for being children of professors or of fellow architects of them.

The list of approved of Analysis of Forms —the naton that really selected- was a true scandal. My father said me that it did not concern me, because like this it went it to happen better and to learn to draw for real.

Metamorfosis de monumentos y teorías de la restauración – Antón Capitel – Google Books

It was true and had more luck with the professors. This understood of drawing and worked. It corrected the exercises of week by week and gave us a species of assessment, meatmorfosis which I already antonn that it went well, or very well. My father had commanded me to draw architecture by the street and also to the nude in the Circle of Fine arts.

Gerardo had closed the academy, but admitted to some children of friends. In relation with the school only has to remember to Francisco Javier Bellosillo Amunategui, that went professor title of Projects and that died prematurely, to the fifty and so many years.

I approved technical drawing in February. In the metamorfoosis put us to delineate to ink a section of the cathedral of Valladolid, for which gave a model divided in two, to distinct scales.

I finished it immediately -the rapidity is one of my defects- and as it did not have another thing that do entitled below my complete name in capital letters of stick delineated to rule. But it heard him my professor, and said him: You do not see as it calls? The case is that I approved, by what Aizpiri did not have to see very bad the of the entitled. But in February suspended the Analysis of Forms.


I remember that the exercise of stain was a piece of the friso of the panateneas, with horses and riders, very difficult, although I think that went out me well. Oliverio excused with me saying that it had approved technician and that the logical was that, such as it went, the analysis would approve it in May by course, so it did not have to concern me.

What had to happen, create I, is that he proposed me to approve and no accepted it to him. My father went back to say me also that it did not concern me and that if it had approved, total what went to do. Sure enough I approved by course. The metwmorfosis geometry approved it also.

They gave us class in the living room of acts with a device retropoyector, and the professor, whose name do not remember, but that it was well, drew in some transparencies metamorfosiw it explained. The practical capirel them afterwards in class and were not easy, but afterwards the examination was an imbecilidad. When thinking in the living room of acts remember do not know if it was the first or the second year that a day of analysis of forms said us that we went to hear a conference on Thomas Jefferson, the third president of United States, that was a glorious architect.

It was a professor Yankee that wanted to give this conference and when knowing as it worked the school afterwards, already understood it had put him a class like public forced, saying us that afterwards would go vapitel to the classroom to draw by heart dress it, as like this it was.

It taught us the University of Virginia, but delivered us some photocopies translated this had done it the American embassy, no the school. He spoke us ten minutes of the one who was Jefferson and did it so well that almost no longer did is missing to read the translation.

Afterwards I did it, however, and the of the American was very well and was, clear, more complete. As in his period was distinct. And it said me: The fear to the Franco regime was enormous. Afterwards Oliverio, that was good uncle, went architect of the Management of Urbanismo. Anron said me that it had died prematurely. Always I appreciated him a lot the metamorofsis professor that went in that degenerate world. I happened to second coursethat consisted of Elements of Composition, History of the Art, Materials of Construction, Extension of Mathematics, Extension of Physics, Introduction to the Urbanismo, and another that forgets methink that of installations.

Because I had happened me the two years of first cursing to the venerable institution that received me like student and of which, practically, never went out. Man of the all respectable, but a true pelmazo. I finished of the Egyptian trails until my beautiful noses. It suffice now say that it called ujieres to the bedeles and that in the examinations said: Of here the azulejo like need, already understands.


Never I have known to copy. Blow and be blown yes. In Mathematics went back to have to Roll, that was good professor. It had the habit to command problems to deliver the Mondays, and if I did not deliver them, or did not deliver them all, said it to him to my father, to the that saw by the Ministry, and my father asked me please that it did them, although it did not go metamorfosos than because no explained it to him to him.

On the other hand, it estimated me something, as it knew me like fellow of his son, and took care me. If it did not go out anybody to the blackboard like volunteer, took me out always to me: