The attitude and orbit control subsystem (AOCS) provides attitude information communications service equipment, and scientific instruments. Control is. An operating communications satellite system consists of Physical Structure. Attitude and Orbit Control System. (AOCS). Power System. Thermal Control. oriented framework for Attitude and Orbit Control System or AOCS of satellites. Understanding the case study requires some familiarity with the AOCS domain.

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Satellite Communication – AOC Subsystem

This subsystem consists of rocket motors that are used to move the satellite back to the correct orbit when external forces cause it to drift off station and gas jets or inertial devices that control the attitude of the satellite. These systems are partly on the satellite and partly at the controlling earth station.

The telemetry system sends data derived from many sensors on the satellite, which monitor the satellites health, via telemetry link to the controlling earth station. The tracking system is located at this earth communciation and provides information on the range and the elevation and azimuth angles of the satellite.


ESA Science & Technology: Engineering

Based on telemetry data received from the satellite and orbital data obtained from the tracking system, the control system is used to correct the position and attitude of aoce satellite. It is also used to control the antenna pointing and communication system configuration to suit current traffic requirements and to operate switch on the satellite. All communications satellite derive their electrical power from solar cells.

The power is used by the communications system, mainly in its qocs, and also by all other electrical systems on the satellite. The letter use is housekeeping, since these subsystems serve to support the communications system. The communication subsystem is the major part of the satellite. It is usually composed of one or more antennas, which receive and transmit over wide bandwidths at microwave frequencies, and a set of receivers and transmitters that amplify and retransmit the incoming signals.

Attitude and orbit control system(AOCS) | Satellite Communication

The receiver-transmitter units are known as transponders. Two types of transponder in use: Most satellite antennas are designed to operate in a single frequency communication, for example, C band or Ku band.


A satellite which uses multiple frequency bands usually has four or more antennas. Learn all you need in order to create a.

You can also try this books 1. Attitude and orbit control system AOCS. This site was designed with the.

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