Asymmetric Typography [Jan ((translated byy Ruari McLean) Tschichold] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. First U.S. edition, translated. Results 1 – 12 of 12 Asymmetric typography by Tschichold, Jan and a great selection of related books , art and collectibles available now at Active Literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography. Christopher Burke Hyphen Press, £ What makes Jan Tschichold so interesting is not his theories but.

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Brief typobraphy from the master are given a full page and set in a huge size of type. Tschichold wrote at length on correctly-proportioned margins for text pages: The openings of paragraphs are not indented, as he explicitly demanded, but space is inserted between the paragraphs, which he explicitly condemned.

There is a welcome series of illustrations of the manual Eine Stunde Druckgestaltungshowing the cover, seven spreads, and even the order form. The most extreme case is that of Typographische Gestaltung. Here the brief discussion in the text comes 75 pages before the copious illustration. Fifteen spreads, and the jacket and the binding are shown, followed by fifteen more spreads of the Dutch jwn, which includes a duplicate of one of the German ones.

The captions of both editions have the title spelled in the Dutch manner with an f instead of ph. Finally, the book is peppered with snapshots of the modernists at play, some by Moholy-Nagysome showing Kurt Schwittersbut many with no appearance at all by the subject of the book.

With Sabon, Tschichold returned to the traditional and symmetrical typography that he had so vehemently rejected a decade earlier. If Stanley Morison had any hand in the name, it is not recorded. He retired from Monotype inthe production of Sabon was overseen by his successor John Dreyfusand Morison died the year it appeared. Rather, Tschichold, while working within the existing tradition, had a profoundly beneficial influence in raising standards of design. The before-and-after examples of title-pages in the King Penguin series show how he took pedestrian layouts, tightened them up, and injected elements of imagination and wit assymmetric have greatly inspired designers who came after him.


This article first appeared in the Times Literary SupplementApril 10, It appears here courtesy of the author.

Comments [10] Tyography had a look at this book yesterday at a design exhibition. And whilst my knowledge of Tschichold’s work is not strong. I could sense the problems with it’s design. Thankyou for the insight.

Sebastian, thank you for having the courage to slam a text that has it coming. By continuing to critique flawed books Design Observer is doing a great favor to those of use who want better.

I am a recent design school grad and wannabe-historian who would love to have better books. I have stopped buying the overdesigned, overpriced, and not well fact-checked books that keep popping up in this genre, and the reviews on Design Observer are the best warning system around.

Glad I saw this. As an admirer of Tschichold I might have bought this book had I not read this review. Just the fact there is space between paragraphs gives me reason enough not to buy it. It’s fine on a webpage, but in print it looks terrible. It’s just like Verdana – it looks nice on a screen but you should never print it. Thanks for the review! But now I will save the money to buy something better!


Tschichold’s New Typography

Design Observer is doing a fantastic job by continuing to critique these and flawed books. This not only refrain the students and casual designers, but also the typogralhy from buying these overdesigned and overpriced books. Thank you for this review. It is troubling to see inaccuracies in a book of this scale and price. Hopefully this lack of thorough research is not an accelerating trend in literature.

Good stiff critical writing is a breath of fresh air!

Asymmetric Typography

Thank you for giving us this intelligent and thoughtful look at the book, and by implication, the contemporary publishing business. And they had quite a few in stock. But bucks is definitley not a adequate price! Maybe I’m just an idiot, but his review may be as overblown as jsn book.

Designer Focus: Jan Tschichold – Notes on Design

Still haven’t read much of it and probably never will. I just sit and look at the pretty pictures.

I do not vomit in my mouth any when asymmmetric across the non-indented paragraphs, paragraph breaks, or large type. The typigraphy long been in the grave: I doubt he’s even turning in it. I love the content of this book, but the design is just awful. Check out this article I wrote on Tshichold and centered typography: Sebastian Carter is a typographical historian, and the European editor of Parenthesisthe journal of the Fine Press Book Association.

His Rampant Lions Press ceased printing at the end of