Download Alcor MP AUx firmware,Alcor MP AUx please help me with my flash drive kingston dt g2 16gb. Reply. The AUX USB flash disk controller series is one of the major products can effectively helps direct the storage device vendors move finished products to the . Chip Company Intel Name 29F16GAA ID code 2c d3 94 a5 // Structure Bus 8. Banks 1 x 1 GB Page Block 0x0. Blocks 0x0 // Read.

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Not available Flash ID: Generic Query Product ID: Download Phison PS v1.

Download Phison Preformat v. I see only the setup, start I run the file AlcorMP.

TLC, Single channel, Total: Flash Disk Query Product Revision: Mass Storage Serial Number: High Speed Max Current: Mass Storage Device Device Revision: Flash Reader Product Revision: Colorline Query Vendor ID: Colorline Query Product Revision: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1. Mass Storage Device Protocal Version: Transcend 8GB Product Revision: Alcor Micro Controller Part-Number: Flash Disk Product Revision: The current version is the latest version!


Windows 8 Professional Update Status: Not available Query Vendor ID: Invalid device error ID: Alcor Micro Product Description: Mass Storage Device Serial Number: Au68x on advertising pendrive want to delete 2 partition — one locked… grr.

Locked partition — utility unlock capacity and restore it to 2,67 Gb.

Mass Storage Device Revision: DataTraveler G3 Device Revision: DataTraveler G3 Product Revision: Not available Chip Code: Alcor Micro Chip Part-Number: Took about 43 minutes. Thank you very much this is the only alcormp which worked for my device I au968x whole night trying different alcormp tools none worked… Protocal Version: Alcor 0xF Possible Memory Chip s: