Kaltxi ma Navi, y Not been here for yonks for chats and stuff, writting my dissertation atm Was Googling the otherday and noticed a thread. James Cameron’s Avatar scriptment, dated , starts off as many Michael Crichton novels do — details, details, details — with the action scattered throughout. A scriptment is a written work by a movie or television screenwriter that combines elements of a John Hughes and Zak Penn, had written scriptments before. The scriptment for Avatar () and its notoriety caused the spread of the term.

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It goes into a long-winded but fascinating, at least on paper explanation of the importance of energy to space travel. But he junked it for the movie so the audience would get into the action as soon as possible.

He started the shooting script LATER so we would find the focused throughline—the spine of the story that drives the action—as soon as possible. This is not the first time that a James Cameron movie has cut out exposition in Act One to get the story moving faster.


Avatar script | Act Four Screenplays

The most well-known example would in Alienswhere he removed early scenes that explained how Ripley Sigourney Weaver avstar her daughter. This was meant to strengthen the bond that she will later make with the orphan girl Newt when Ripley rescues her from the blood-thirsty aliens.

Once they had that ending, it was just a matter of reverse-engineering the story to push to the climax in the most surprising and thrilling way possible.

Also, take note of when Jack in Titanic wins the poker game that puts him on that ship with Rose. If you have the time, the Titanic script and the Titanic movie are a nice comparison. Just as you want to start your scenes as late as possible scriptmeht end as soon as possiblethe same goes for your entire script.

Avatar (1998 Scriptment) by James Cameron

For more free screenplays, including Avatar scripts, see imsdb. Your email address will not qvatar published. BLOG You are here: Jake Sully meets his avatar eight minutes into the movie.


Click to read excerpts. Good Will Hunting Screenplay Analysis.

Avatar ( Scriptment) by James Cameron « Cinemafique

Adapting a book to screenplay with Coppola Part I. Raiders of the Lost Ark story map.

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