Find BALKAN KAO METAFORA: Izmedju globalizacije i fragmentacije by DUSAN BJELIC, OBRAD SAVIC – Balkanized, in the same manner as the Balkans have been divided for centuries, failing eds., Balkan kao metafora: izmedu globalizacije i fragmentacije. “Transnationalism in the Balkans: an introduction”. Balkan kao metafora: izmedu globalizacije ifragmentacije [The Balkans as metaphor: between globalization.

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Somewhere between a tragedy and a myth, a place and a condition, the term is perhaps best understood as a metaphor.

It has been used and abused in academia by proponents of opposing political views. Multiculturalism has appropriated it, as have postmodernism and postcommunism.

This book explores the idea of the Balkan as metaphor and the meaning of Balkan identity in the context of contemporary culture. The book both lays the kaao for a baklan field of study and serves as an act of resistance against the many forms of representation that break the Balkans into fragments such as NATO army bases and digital maps in order to wire them into the global market.


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Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Uvod Uvod Introduction Author s: Michael Herzfeld Contributor s: Invencija i in ter vencija: The Rhetoric of Balkanization Author s: Analizirani materijal je izabran intuitivno, zbog njegove paradigmatske, to jest, strukturne vrednosti.

Grigoris Ananiadis Contributor s: Najpoznatija metafora za Balkan jeste metafora mosta. Balkanizam duha Balkanizam duha Balkanism of the Mind Author s: Bilo je to ranih ih, u Briselu, srcu Evropske unije.

BALKAN KAO METAFORA: Izmedju globalizacije i fragmentacije

Aleksander Kiossev Contributor s: Rumuni i Balkan The Impossible Escape: Romanians and the Balkans Author s: Ivaylo Ditchev Contributor s: Drugi ako na jug poluostrva projektovali plemenitu odbranu slobodnog sveta od sovjetskog varvarizma.

Ova arbitrarnost se nikada ne dovodi u pitanje. Identitet jedinstva u izgradnji: Evelina Kelbecheva Contributor s: Za vreme moje prve posete Zapadu To se dogodilo nekoliko meseci posle pada Berlinskog zida.


Srbi pederi Srbi pederi Queer Serbs Author s: Film Music for the Balkans Author s: Bosna kao granica Evrope: Trojanskog rata nije bilo. Supervision and Punishment Author s: My New User Account.

Albania–Serbia relations – Wikipedia

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