Seeing Systems 2nd Edition. Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life. Barry Oshry (Author). Publication date: 08/01/ Bestseller over 40,+ copies. Seeing Systems. Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. By Barry Oshry. “Barry Oshry is the world’s master. As regular readers of the Seeing Systems Blog know, Barry Oshry’s work has as a central motif, the idea of partnership – “a relationship in.

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Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Seeing Systems, 2nd Edition by Barry Oshry.

View table of contents. Based on more than thirty years of research and packed with illustrative cases and solid systems theory on human interaction, Seeing Systems provides a penetrating look at the dynamics of systems and a unique foundation for revolutionizing our understanding of system life. This new edition seeign an extensive new section on having the wisdom and courage to face and work with the reality of uncertainty, and a new epilogue describing how Oshry is currently using theater, blogs, and podcasts to extend his multi-pronged revolution aimed at transforming system blindness into system sight.


Overcoming System Blindness Act I.

Seeing the Big Picture Scene 1. The Manager of the Heart 3. The Mystery of the Swim 4. Seeing the Bargy Picture 5. From Spatial Blindness to Spatial Sight 6.

Seeing Systems, 2nd Edition [Book]

Charlotte is a Problem 9. Center Ring or Side Show? Syatems Out of Time: Seeing the Whole From Temporal Blindness to Temporal Sight The Invisible Histories of the Swims We are in Seeing Patterns of Relationship Scene 1. What about all the Drama?

The Dance of Blind Reflex Scene 2. From Relational Blindness to Relational Sight Three Patterns of Relationship One Wakes, the other Sleeps It Takes Two to Tango.

The Universal Civics Course Syxtems in the Middle Space Organizations in the Middle The Mutant Customer Abused and Misused in the Space of Service The Web of Relationships How to Clean Sidewalks: Resistance or the Sound of the Old Dance Shaking Seeing Patterns of Process Scene 1. Are You Sure You have it all?

Turf Warfare, Alienation, and GroupThink: The Dance of Blind Reflex Continued Relationship Breakdowns in a Nutshell Scene 2. From Process Blindness to Process Sight Stuck on Differentiation The Success of a Business, the Failure of its Partners A Good Second Aystems No Recovering Top Groups Sighted Advice for the Top Team Stuck on Individuation Alienation among the Middles Mutant Middle Groups How to Create Powerful Middle Teams Stuck on Integration Immigrant Martha has a Breakdown A Mutant Bottom Group Power is Managing Differentiation Creating Powerful Bottom Groups Scene 3.

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The Politics of System Processes The Politics of Individuation and Integration The Politics of Gender Or Would You Rather be an Earthworm?

Seeing Systems, 2nd Edition

Societal Implications of Differentiation and Homogenization Sseing Ode to Homogenization Scene 4. The Challenge of Robust Systems The Dominants and the others Robust System Processes The Dance of the Robust System: The Emergence of Organizational Positions Scene 1. Individuals in Uncertainty Individuals Facing and Escaping from Organizational Uncertainty A Mutant Moment in the Middle Dancing in and out of the Tunnel of Limited Options His Magic Consultant Card 2 Scene 2.

Groups in Uncertainty Groups Facing and Escaping from Uncertainty Facing and Escaping the Uncertainties of Existence Not all Possibilities are Possible