BATES’ GUIDE TO PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND HISTORY TAKING and skills of good interviewing; Chapters 3 through 16 detail techniques for examining. My goal for this subreddit is to have users post a request for a specific textbook and if you see a request that you have a pdf version please. 14 BATES’ GUIDE TO PHYSICAL EXAMINATION AND HISTORY TAKING RECORDING YOUR FINDINGS The patient reports increased pressure at work from a.

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She authored a leading medical textbook on physical examination.

Bates was on the faculty at several U. She helped to develop the role of the nurse practitioner in American healthcare and she wrote a thorough account on the history of tuberculosis in Pennsylvania. She died in Bates attended Smith Battes as an undergraduate and earned a medical degree at Cornell University.


She also completed a medical residency at Cornell. After completion of her residency training, Bates established an internal medicine practice in Greenwich, Connecticut. She subsequently worked with the University of Kentucky and the University of Rochester.

Inshe moved on to the University of Missouri-Kansas Citywhich was establishing a six-year post-high school medical program to increase the supply of rural physicians. InBates came to the University of Pennsylvaniawhere she was a faculty member in nursing and in medicine. Bates became known for contributions beyond direct patient care and teaching.

Her first book, A Guide to Physical Examination and History Takingwas written in and published in eleven languages. In her obituary, The New York Times described the book as “the leading text in its field.

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Bates died of Alzheimer’s disease in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania in Bates was survived by longtime companion Dr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. University of Pennsylvania Almanac.

Retrieved March 23, American Association for the History of Semioligy. University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.


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Smith College Cornell University.