Fereydoon Batmanghelidj ( or – November 15, ) was an Iranian writer. He is best known for his book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, and his He promoted his Water Cure, which was not based on any scientific evidence.”. Water Cures: Drugs Kill: How Water Cured Incurable Diseases [Fereydoon Batmanghelidj M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Using Water to Cure: The Untold STory [Sam Biser, F. Batmanghelidj] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I hear all day long on my local radio station commercials for The Water Cure, which was created by a Dr. Batmangelli I have no idea how to spell his name promising wonderful cures by eliminating caffeine and alcohol and drinking water and sprinkling sea salt on your food.

His Big Idea was that dehydration is the main cause of disease. It was untenable to begin with, is supported by no evidence, was debunked on Quackwatch several years ago, and Dr. Batmanghelidj wwater inso I was surprised to hear it was still being vigorously promoted. But not very surprised. After all, homeopathy is still around. These stories follow a pattern, and I batmanhelidj it is worthwhile looking at this prime example to understand something of the psychology of self-deception that is involved.

A number of his fellow prisoners had previously been diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease PUD. Batmanghelidj gave a prisoner with unbearable pain two glasses of water. The pain disappeared completely after 8 minutes.

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj

He treated other PUD patients with remarkable success. One patient was semiconscious from pain but after drinking water he recovered in 20 minutes. One wonders about the wisdom of making a semiconscious patient drink, since there is a risk of aspiration. Patients were advised to continue drinking cc of water daily for 6 weeks, allowing time for the average ulcer to heal. Symptoms did not recur. During treatment, urine volume increased and patients had to get up at night to pee.

Batmanghelidj assumed this meant that they were losing sodium so he added salt to their treatment regimen. It seems logical that drinking water would dilute the stomach acid and provide some temporary relief. In a majority of patients the relief of pain was preceded by eructation of gas. Hmmm… For some reason, Batmanghelidj decided that the real problem was dehydration: Batmanghelidj eventually got out of prison and came to the US, where he developed his ideas further and wrote a series of books.


Although water alone had worked for his initial patients, he added salt without any comparison studies to show it improved outcome and then declared that it should be sea salt to supply trace minerals again with no comparison studies.

He recommends Himalayan or Celtic sea salt!? Rather than adding salt to your food or water, you should let it dissolve on your tongue Why?

If you are urinating within 2 hours of drinking water, you should eat bagels to help keep the water in your body long enough for it to work. He spoke out against alcohol, caffeine, and anything else that might contribute to dehydration. He expanded his thinking to include acidity and immunology:. They create an acid pH and the more acidic it is, the weaker your immune system, the worse your health becomes and the more difficult it is for your body to repair itself.

He suggests that water is a no-cost solution to heart disease. His websites include testimonials from patients who were allegedly cured of:. The Water Cure website provides a list of scientific documents.

The Water Cure – An interview With Dr. Batmanghelidj

All he has done is theorize and speculate. He has only two listings in PubMed for articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

The first was published in in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. He says he treated patients with PUD, and his account suggests that about a third of all prisoners had PUD, which seems a bit high waher considering the stress of prison.

These diagnoses were clinical diagnoses: It is impossible to differentiate peptic ulcers from non-ulcer dyspepsia or other conditions without an endoscopy or an imaging procedure. The second articlepublished in Anticancer Research inis a speculative rumination calling for a paradigm change in thinking about pain.

It claims that pain is a signal system denoting free water deficiency of the cell. For instance, he says that this new paradigm does not apply to conditions with local tissue pathology, like cholecystitis. But peptic ulcers are local tissue pathology. Why should the water cure work for ulcers but not for cholecystitis?

Bizarrely, he ends his article with an acknowledgement thanking the Almighty for his light and fine detailed guidance.

In an interview with Mike Adams he made a series of very questionable statements:. He claims that histamine regulates batmanghflidj water in the body and that antidepressant drugs are antihistamines, abtmanghelidj medications are antihistamines, and other medications are directly and wster antihistamines.


Smallpox, polio, measles, and all the other viruses that can kill very easily, and the body has an ability to mount a defense system against these hot viruses, viruses that actually very quickly can kill. But having survived those, how is batmaghelidj possible that the slow virus would kill us in the name of AIDS? I have researched this topic extensively, and I have shown in fact that AIDS is a btmanghelidj problem, when the body begins to cannibalize its own tissue because of certain batmnghelidj elements in the raw materials that it receives through food or beverages, and the body of a person who gets AIDS, actually, is short batmanhgelidj quite a number of building block amino acids.

So how can we expect a body that depends on the other amino acids to survive? Batmanghelidj follows a well-beaten path. From chiropractic to eye movement desensitization and reprocessing EMDRinnumerable non-science-based practitioners have gone down this same slippery slope.

For Batmanghelidj the epiphany was a glass of water that apparently relieved a stomach pain. For Samuel Hahnemann homeopathy it was the supposedly malaria-like symptoms he experienced after taking an anti-malaria drug. For Francine Shapiro EMDR it was the observation during a walk in a park that moving her eyes seemed to reduce the stress of disturbing memories. For Edward Bach Bach Flower Remediesa walk in the country revealed his intuitive psychic connection to various plants.

The initial error was the same in all cases: They failed to use the scientific method to test their observations.

The rest of the sequence followed naturally from human batmanghwlidj.

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj – Wikipedia

The Water Cure is nonsense, but its story provides a cautionary tale. Harriet Wafer, MD also known as The SkepDoc, is a retired family physician who writes about pseudoscience and questionable medical practices. During a long career as an Air Force physician, she held various positions from flight surgeon to DBMS Director of Base Medical Services and did everything from delivering babies to taking the controls of a B She retired barmanghelidj the rank of Colonel.

In she published her memoirs, Women Aren’t Supposed to Fly. Next Be careful what you wish for, Dr. Dossey, you just might get it.

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