BC ABAP Web Services SAP NetWeaver. Date Training Center Instructors Education Website. Participant Handbook Course Version: /Q3 Course. Why do we need them? SAP NetWeaver. Web Service Technology. SAP Web Application Server ▫ Providing Web Services. ▫ Consuming Web Services. BC ABAP Web Services SAP NetWeaver. Date Training Center Instructors Education Website Participant Handbook Course Version: /Q3 Course.

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The proposed values come from the WSDL document used to generate the proxy. The actual protocol and data format specification requires a shared connection binding. Use your HTTP destination. Web Service Enhancement with SAP XI With the inside-out development approach, interfaces are first modeled in the Integration Repository, then the input functionality is generated in the target system back-end system.

This lesson also provides a brief overview of the solutions offered by SAP NetWeaver technology that can be implemented using e-business standards. The names and sequence of the interface parameters must match the names and sequence of the parameters for the method called. A function module incorporates the actual source tcode that is executed at runtime, the interface also called signatureand the properties of that function module.

What is the main disadvantage of rigid constructions? The actual data from the message is placed in the body. Overview BC the necessary information for this from the service description, which is in turn stored in the service registry. Now print the flight list with the most important flight properties on the basic list. This lesson suggests ways to isolate these errors in the most effective way possible.

BC416 – ABAP Web Services

The tables must be populated with initial data before they are used for the first time. SOAP provides a more straightforward standard that allows you to call Web services in decentralized, distributed landscapes. Overview BC Today, the challenge lies in creating an IT environment where standardized components can work in synchronization, without giving rise once again to rigid, complex structures. Using WSDL allows service providers to describe the requirements and functions of their Web services such that a prospective customer can understand these and integrate them correctly with the service.


The method call is encoded as follows: The following figure shows how a Web service can be used to integrate a credit card check into a process landscape. Technical details specified during configuration of the Web service are configured separately in the Web service client runtime. With what information does the BAPI provide you?

The caller must be verified using a user name and password. This is an open seven-layer model that is often used as the basis for a number of developer-independent network protocols. Ask your system administrator for the values you require here.

An inflexible IT landscape was cited as the reason for this in approximately one third of cases. Use, for example, the HTTP destination you created earlier, which points to the following destination: For more information about WSDL, see: The result is Web services. WSDL is the bridge between the internal and external communication. Further processing of this information in the different systems is actually very limited. Every interface parameter of this method is a child element of this structure.

Use the proxy generation function in transaction SE80 to create a Web service client access point from the previously generated Web service entry in the local UDDI registry of the training system. This includes file and directory names and their paths, messages, names of variables and parameters, and passages of the source text of a program. After the proxy has been transported, you can customize the URL and other important parameters in the logical port so that the proxy can then call the Web service on the live system.

Mapping Between Different Business Data Structures In the worst case scenario, different mappings would need to be created for example 14 listed.

BC – ABAP Web Services – Documents

The communication type is stateless, and the caller is verified by a user name and password. When calling the Web service operation, please complete the relevant interface. Note that we are only discussing the mapping of data structures here.

Use the Types table tab title to access the interface data types. Messages, the abstract definition of exchange data; and port types, the abstract depiction of operations. The planning phase for business processes in applications begins. The results, or any exceptions that occurres, are displayed after having executed the function module.


Runtime features, in contrast to design-time features, are properties that can be configured at the time of activation of the Web service client.

Business processes are divided into a certain number of process steps. The connection is defined in the same way as described for the locally available UDDI registry. Testing a Function Module When a function module is tested, a field called RFC target system is also displayed for remote-enabled function modules so that b416 an RFC destination containing the connection parameters for the target system is specified, an Qeb call can also be made.

The following steps must be carried out to implement a Web service application on the client side. Business Example A CIO wants to implement a standardized information platform so that both himself and his employees can formally describe and search for existing software components within the company. Proxy entries must be defined if the UDDI sources or destinations need to be addressed directly from the Internet and the associated HTTP packets are transferred via a proxy.

The developer can concentrate on the bc4416 application while the technical part, for example the creation of a webb SOAP message or the evaluation of received responses, is carried out automatically using the proxy.

Using the WSS profiles, you can guarantee security at message level. A service tree whose node sequence correlates with the URL prefix can be created for each virtual Web server. Overview The following objects are generated by the Web service creation wizard: The company must therefore use information contained in numerous new and old applications.