Bd Transistor Datasheet Filetype Pdf Bd transistor datasheet filetype pdf Tennessee. bhagavad geeta in marathi yogaglo a tale of two cities book review. Have trouble finding suitable driver transistors that are fast and have good current File Type: png . Datasheet says good hfe linearity and high ft frequency bd bd bd bd bd TIP TIP BDX53C. File Type: jpg Also, its very hard to find some nice datasheet for TDN. Mutting transistor are still on their place, I forgot to remove them . I didt got 10 volts from the power supply BD so that the starting point.

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Recently the Spiegel published an article about burglars in Germany:. Does your door lock protect you against burglars? If your key looks like this one: Your fiiletype can be opened within a few seconds and you don’t even notice that someone has entered while you were not at home, because there is no damage, neither at the door nor at the lock. Also your neighbours will not hear anything because lockpicking is absolutely silent.

You don’t believe that? Then watch this video: As you have seen: Lockpicking is very easy. A thief does not even transistro special tools. He can open your lock with two hairpins! When you search for “lockpicking” on Youtube you will find With electrical vibrators pick gun it takes less than 10 seconds to open a lock as you see in this video.

Even for cross locks there are special lockpicking tools that open a lock in 10 seconds as you see in this video. There are better locks where the key has round holes instead of notches like this KESO key. These locks are very expensive.

Nevertheless they can also be opened by lockpicking, although it may take 3 minutes to open them as you see in this video. Finally locks can be broken with a big plier or opened with a drill as you see in this video. If you rent a flat, your tenant can make bbd680 of the key and give them to other persons. So he can sublease your flat.

And if he leaves some day and you want to rent the flat anew, you have to change the lock because otherwise the previous tenant can still access the flat. The advantage of an electronic door lock is that the above security issues do not apply. It is much better to have a safe door lock which prevents that the thief can enter than to have an alarm system eatasheet makes noise when the thief is already in.

Until the police arrives he will be gone and probably some precious things will be missing. Secure locks are always better than alarm systems or cameras. What are the datashedt on the market?

I searched for an fi,etype alternative, but what I found did not satisfy me:. What tdansistor replace your mechanic key? You can either chose an RFID card or a token like these:. The cards are sensible to bending so you should not carry them in your pocket because they may break.


Other names for tokens are “tag” and “keyfob”. Each RFID card or token has a unique ID numberwhich is assigned by the factory and which cannot be modified afterwards.

Far more than any mechanic key will ever have. More details in Bd608. This is not possible because the code running in the Teensy makes a delay of 1 second after an invalid datashee to open the door.

The attacker would not live long enough to test all possibilities because this would take years. It would be possible to store a secret value on the Mifare Classic cards and protect it with a key. But this does not make sense because the encryption of Mifare Classic has been broken. When Philips designed the Classic cards they made the error to implement a weak cryptographic algorithm Crypto-1 and fuletype in “security-through-obscurity”. The reason that these cards are so wide spread over 4 billions sold is that the algorithm has been kept secret for 14 years.

But in a research team analyzed the chip under a microscope and the algorithm implemented in hardware could be deduced. They found that the key is a 48 bit key with several design flaws. You find more details in Reverse Engineering Mifare Classic cards.

The result is that today Mifare Classic cards can be cloned in a few seconds including all the data stored in the EEPROM even if the data is protected with a key. But on eBay you can buy chinese clones which allow to write any ID to the card. Search for “UID changeable card”. So it would theoretically be possible that a malicious person reads your Mifare Classic card through your pocket and clones it to get access to your house.

So if you decide to use Mifare Classic cards you should buy a Stainless Steel Wallet which has a metal shield that blocks any external RF frequency getting to your card, so cloning your card becomes impossible:. In Philips introduced the Desfire cards which do not rely on a proprietary algorithm anymore. Transiator uses as the name says DES encryption. With a complex hardware the power consumption of the card is measured during the encryption process.

Transisor this attack is far more difficult than the Mifare Classic attack and takes about 7 hours. You should not use the old Desfire cards anymore.

My project does not support them because they require legacy authentication which is not implemented. In the next generation came on the market: Buying Desfire EV1 cards is more difficult. There are not so many offers and the cheaper ones require that you buy quantities of 50, or even cards. I found these two companies datasheef sell also smaller amounts: RyscCorp and Smartcard Focus. You can also order from Smartcard America who sell via eBay but their shipping transjstor very tranisstor to other countries.

Be filetypr with counterfeit offers from China on eBay: There is no guarantee that chinese clones fulfill the same security criteria as original NXP cards.

While Classic cards are completely static, the Desfire cards store data in ” files ” of dynamic size that are ttransistor in ” applications “.


What is an application? An application is nothing more than a container flietype files. Imagine a RFID card issued to the students of a university. With the same card the student can eat in the canteen and he can park his car. In this example there would be two independent applications on the card: One canteen application and one parking application.

The student can charge money for lunch and for parking which is stored in a file datashedt the corresponding application. Each application has one or multiple encryption keys the application fipetype which allow to dataaheet the value stored in the respective application. Each key may have only read permission, only write permission or both. Additionally the card has another important key: The PICC master keywhich is the “god key”. The PICC master key allows to create and delete applications, assign keys to each application or even format the entire card.

Neither the canteen nor the parking deck know the PICC master key. They have only access to their corresponding application but not outside of it. The board has a size of 12 cm x 5 cm and a thickness of 3 mm.

It works internally at 3,3V, but can be fed with 5V. This board does not only read Mifare cards.

BD Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

The major advantage of this board over other hardware is that the antenna printed on the board is very big size of a RFID card. This allows larger read distances than other hardware with transstor antennas. Adafruit says that the antenna detects a card from a distance of up to 10 cm.

This is true for the white Mifare Classic card that ships with the board. But I have another card from public transportation that requires 7,5 cm to be detected. And I have a token that requires 5,5 cm to be detected. The antenna in a token is smaller than the antenna of a card. For Desfire EV1 cards the maximum distance despends on the encryption, because encryption increases trxnsistor power consumption of the card:.

Additionally I measured dataseet the card consumes more power the more memory it has. A 4 kB card can transisor read from a larger distance than an 8 kB card. The difference is approx 5 mm. You mount the breakout board on the inside of your door. You can mount a plastic or wooden box on top of it to protect it from mechanical damage.

BD680 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

A long flat filrtype connects it with the main board. Here you see a foto of the breakout board with the flat cable and the two-color LED connected:. First you must solder two jumpers on the board that datsaheet the communication mode. I2C is too weak over a longer cable because I2C is an open collector bus with pull up resistors. I use SPI communication with a low speed of 10 kHz. So you must set the jumpers: