Beauty and the Blacksmith: A Spindle Cove Novella [Tessa Dare] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Take a trip to Spindle Cove in New. Take a trip to Spindle Cove in New York Times bestselling author Tessa Dare’s gorgeous and sexy Regency romanceBeautiful and elegant, Miss Diana. Beauty and the Blacksmith by Tessa Dare The fairest maiden in Spindle Cove is Diana Highwood. Diana is the well-behaved sister of my.

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Spindle Cove SeriesBook 3. Beautiful and elegant, Miss Diana Highwood is destined to marry a wealthy, well-placed nobleman. The only man who makes her heart pound is the village blacksmith, Aaron Dawes.

Spindle Cove Series: Beauty and the Blacksmith by Tessa Dare | Mrs. Julien Presents

A great title for Regency romance readers. I devoured it and was so disappointed when it was over! Diana Highwood took her glove and worked it like a fan, chasing the flush from her throat.

She was a gentlewoman, born and raised in genteel tbe, if not opulent luxury.

Beauty and the Blacksmith (Spindle Cove, #) by Tessa Dare

As always, he wore his sleeves rolled to the elbow, exposing forearms roped with muscle. He pumped the bellows, commanding the flames to blackamith. Broad shoulders stretched his homespun shirt, and a leather apron hung low on his hips. As he removed the glowing bit of metal from the fire and placed it on his anvil, his open collar gaped. Diana averted her gaze—but not fast enough.

Sculpted chest muscles, bronzed skin, dark hair…. With a steady hand and a low, rich baritone, he finessed the broken anf. Diana turned her gaze downward, focusing on the floor. Neatly swept and fitted stones paved her half of the smithy, where visitors waited for their work.


The ground around the forge was packed with black, smudgy cinders. And the border between the two could not have been more stark, or more thhe. Here was the division between customer and smith.

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She gave herself a brisk shake. Time to put a stop to this silliness. She was a grown woman, turning four-and-twenty this year.

It was surely no sin to admire Mr. He was an admirable man. However, she ought to concentrate on the many reasons that had nothing to do with carnality. She knew a good village smith was indispensable. When neighbors were ailing, he pulled teeth and set broken bones.

The nails struck on his anvil held the whole village together. This forge was the glowing, iron heart of Spindle Cove, and Aaron Dawes was its pulse. He plunged the heated metal into a waiting bucket. A cloud of steam rose and filled the smithy, curling the short bblacksmith at the nape of her neck. He polished it with a scrap of cloth. You must think my craftsmanship is faulty. You do very good work, Mr. She caught him looking at her like this sometimes.

In church, around the village. He mopped his brow and neck with a damp cloth, then wiped his hands clean. She watched as he threaded the tiny vial back on its chain. In the vial was a tincture of shrubby horsetail. She kept a dose with her at all times, in case of a breathing crisis.

I will be, in the future. He walked behind her and placed the chain about her neck, standing close to do the clasp. Soothing and melting all her boacksmith places. Like the heated brick she took to bed when she had her courses. The last thing she needed right now was thoughts of bed. Much less this big, solid brick of masculinity sharing it.

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I know accidents happen.

Diana sucked in her breath. She wanted to pretend the touch was an accident. Why you come so often. Why beayty metal latch and clasp and rivet you possess seems to need mending of late.

He circled her, running his finger beneath that chain. Branding her with a necklace of his touch. He came baeuty stand before her, holding that vial that dangled from her necklace.

He pulled gently, and she swayed toward him. My pal Sara Lindsey made this adorable badge! Feel free to save, pin, share as you please! Castles Ever After 4, Spindle Cove 5 crossover.

At last, Tezsa Highwood gets a romance of her own! But with the last man anyone in Spindle Cove expects…. Read an Excerpt Goodness. Just look at it. Thick as my ankle. But here, in the smithy with Aaron Dawes, all her delicate breeding disintegrated. How could she help staring? The man had wrists as thick as her ankle. Extras My pal Sara Lindsey made this adorable badge! Other Books in the “Spindle Cove Thee series.

Lord Dashwood Missed Out Book 4.