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Friday, May 31, Behold!!! Drawings,” which spotlighted the mind-bending artwork of an unjustly obscure genius named Stanislav Szukalski. According to Mike McGee, the curator of the show, this was the “first extensive survey of surviving Stanislaw Szukalski drawings. His eccentric artwork, which include drawings as well as masterful sculptures, were eventually embraced by an eclectic mixture of notable Southern Californians such as Glenn Bray, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Williams and Jim Woodring among many others.

If you haven’t seen a copy of Szukalski’s book Behold!!! The subtitle of my first book i. Perhaps no one ever went quite so far to transform a theory into an art form as much as Szukalski.

Szukalaki’s theory is a rather complicated and peculiar one, but Richard Chang of the Orange County Register offers a fairly accurate condensed version of it in the excerpt below: Szukalski developed the pseudoscientific-historic theory of Zermatism — the belief that after the biblical flood of Noah’s time, as described in the Book of Genesis, mankind fled to two main high-ground locations — Easter Island and Zermatt, Switzerland hence, ‘Zermatism’.

He also believed that the human race had bred with a competitive race of Yeti Abominable Snowmen or Bigfoot, for the uninitiatedand the result was a hybrid that polluted the purity beehold homo sapiens. Szukalski argued further that the hybrids were responsible for many of people’s problems throughout history.


Behold!!! the Protong

Szukalski’s drawings in the Fullerton exhibit do encompass some of his ideas, but they merely scratch the surface of what appears to be a labyrinthine Pandora’s box of contorted conceptions.

But some of it survived in a protog left in California. A s sketchbook in a glass case, with the title ‘Lest We Forget’ stenciled on the cover, contains intricate and amazing sketches.

A video nearby helps disclose some of these works, which were created on plebian, daily journal paper. This review was published about a week later on October 24th, on paranoidsonline. The curator later told me that I proting the only writer who’d actually bothered to cover the exhibit, which stunned me. But perhaps I shouldn’t have been very surprised For your edification, here’s the full text of my review: Richard Sharpe Shaver and Stanislav Szukalski.

Despite being modest in size, limited to two rooms the size of an average studio apartment, the exhibit itself possessed a scope that was almost cosmic in nature.

Tucker was perceptive enough to notice these subtle links and build an entire show around them.

[PDF Download] Behold!!! the Protong Free PDF – video dailymotion

behkld Both gentlemen, in the end, could be considered Outsider Artists. Much of their work was completed well outside the scrutiny of the teh art world. Their art objects were merely adjuncts to a utilitarian goal: Both men achieved some level of fame early in their lives. Inat the age of 36, Shaver became infamous among American science fiction fans for a series of outlandish articles and stories he wrote for Ray Palmer, editor of Amazing Stories Magazine.

[PDF Download] Behold!!! the Protong Free PDF

Shaver claimed he was in contact with monstrous beings who lived beneath the Earth. To the dismay of rationalist science fiction fans the world over, hordes of protogn began writing letters to the magazine insisting that Shaver was correct—they, too, had received messages from the subterranean Deros!


Eventually, however, Shaver drifted into obscurity and began turning his attention to even stranger pursuits. One of these endeavors resulted in a series of almost surrealist paintings and photographs based on images Shaver claimed to have discovered imprinted on the interior tue ancient rocks.

Some of these pieces bear titles that would seem right at home in an exhibit of Robert Williams paintings, e.

Cryptoscatology: Behold!!! the Protong

Shaver painted what he saw in a valiant attempt to help the rest of the human race witness the apocalyptic images that—he felt—should have been plainly obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

According to Tucker, in the s Shaver even went so far as to mail a couple of his rocks to President Lyndon Johnson along with a note urging the President to assign a team of scientists to study these behodl images before the Russians beat America to the punch. Thr Shaver, Stanislav Szukalski also achieved some measure of fame in his younger days.

The ultimate outcome of this theory was the book Behold!!! Though both achieved potong certain measure of fame—or at least notoriety—early on, Shaver and Szukalski ended their lives as true Outsider Artists.

Fortunately, one can witness in person—for a short time—a slight fragment of the protobg lives of these two mad geniuses at the Pasadena City College Art Gallery, at least until November 14,the day the exhibit closes. Posted by Robert Guffey at 1: Newer Post Older Post Home.