Read Beyond the Lines by Kuldip Nayar by Kuldip Nayar by Kuldip Nayar for free with Widely respected for his columns, his autobiography opens on the day. Autobiography of an Indian journalist, author, diplomat and parliamentarian. As a young law graduate in Sialkot (now in Pakistan), Kuldip Nayar of Kuldip Nayar’s widely popular autobiography, Beyond the Lines, now.

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Beyond The Lines examines the effects of the Indo-Pakistan partition and the eventual downfall of relations through the eyes of a man who lived through it: Kuldip Nayar was a young law student during the Partition.

Forced to migrate to Delhi, he faced first-hand the brunt of the communal riots that ensued. In his autobiographical account, Nayar shows us how he began as a young journalist in an Urdu daily, progressing to heading India’s most popular news agency. His story covers facets of our nation we have yet to experience.

Kuldip Nayar is an Indian journalist, human rights activist and author. He has penned several books, some of which autobiogralhy Certified BuyerBangalore. Certified BuyerTuticorin.

Enter email to get notified. Summary autobiograpyy the Book Kuldip Nayar was a young law student during the Partition. Nayar is the sort of person — even whose best friends would find it difficult to understand the reasons for his rise to such fame.

His writing style is lackluster. His gossipy tidbits and juicy nuggets are autobiogrzphy — part conjecture and part concoctions and have to be consumed with a large dollop of sa Sandip Ghose Certified Buyer 22 Jul, For someone of Kuldip Nayar’s reputation the book is of shockingly poor quality. Easily verifiable facts are mis-stated e. And what does one make of this sen Rajanikanta Verma Certified Buyer 20 Aug, I found it more a gossip than a book with Authentic book on events and its least a biography.



Beyond the Lines: an Autobiography by Kuldip Nayar (Hardback, 2012)

Kuldip Nayyar gives food for Gossip only. Many of his narrations seem like baseless construction of his own mind. Earlier reviewr’s have mentioned the few basic mistakes in chronology and persons. The book has been a success beyond its worth probably because it suit an average reader giving him stories to speculate.

Nayar seems to have sharp business acumen. Ajay Katesaria 29 Aug, The autobiography of the veteran journalist, Sri Kuldip Nayar made interesting reading to people like me, who like to read historical accounts of a period before they were born!

Beyond the Lines: An Autobiography: Kuldip Nayar: : Books

The veteran journalist relates the pangs and pathos surrounding the Partition of India with kupdip lucidity, and follows it up with anecdotes of the tenures of Lal Bahadur Shastri, the Indo China war ofthe India-Pakistan war of and the death of Shastriji at Tashkhent, Indira Gandhi, J. P, Morarji Desai a Sen Certified Buyer 7 Apr, This is my second wn by Kuldip Nayar and I tell you, you just need little bit of patriotism and that’s all, you will love this book more than anything. A brilliant master piece by this veteran author.


Don’t miss it guys. Yes, he was a one time Idol.

During s his by line “Between the Lines’ was immensely popular and his conduct during emergency years earned acclaim to him as a champion of free media based on which his book The Judgement sold like hot cake. That book was precursor for journalistic fiction and a writing style as if he was present when the events were taking place, or he was watching probably through a proverbial key hole. Having earned the fame of a free Journalist, is he free from prejudi Great book having complete details about political events after till Manmohan Singh Govt.

Just was awestruck for another five days before I could continue on Autobiography is a dissapointment at many places. One can not ascertain if details given by him are completely a reliable reference. However his chapter related to Bluestar and Rajya Sabha are a good read.

He had held goverment office and had close ties with powerful politicians yet he failed to produce any notable reference in the book.

Beyond the Lines – an autobiography

However he never failed to flaunt his judgements of any person or event. Have doubts regarding this product? Safe and Secure Payments.