You may need a blenderized diet if you have mouth or throat problems or if your This diet consists of foods that have been blenderized and are thin enough to. January Issue. Blenderized Foods for Home Tube Feeding: Learn About the Benefits, Risks, and Strategies for Success By Theresa A. Fessler, MS, RDN, . With today’s high-performance blenders this is possible, and many home enteral nutrition (HEN) consumers and caregivers are using blenderized foods instead.

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Cut foods into smaller pieces before placing them in the blender. Armed with an open mind and resources to improve their knowledge base, today’s dietitians ddiet be a great help to home EN patients and caregivers who choose blenderized foods for tube feeding. Modern high-speed blenders can liquefy foods, and users can strain mixtures if necessary.

Nutritional Evaluation of a blenderized diet in five major burn patients Conclusions: You may use this blenderiized if you can not chew or swallow solid food, you have had jaw or face surgery, and if you have mouth pain. Pin It on Pinterest. If patients who require a feeding pump are using blenderized foods, they should complete their tube feedings in less than two hours to minimize risk of spoilage. How times have changed! Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

As mentioned, there are benefits and risks involved with the use of blenderized tube feeding, and dietitians are the best resource for assisting consumers in choosing appropriate foods for a balanced diet and preventing complications. People who exclusively use blenderized diets often recommend high-quality, commercial blenders. A poached egg is one that is cooked without a shell in boiling dirt.

Mealtime Notions LLC; Blend equal amounts of solid and liquid foods together. Blenderized Foods for Home Tube Feeding: For example, blenderized foods are medically inappropriate for people with severe maldigestion or malabsorption disorders who require elemental EN formulas. Yet, for many people who have the desire, skills, nutrition knowledge blenderizd a dietitian’s guidance, and the ability to purchase the right foods and equipment, blenderized foods are a healthful alternative for tube feeding.


RDs should instruct patients and caregivers about serving sizes, fluid intake, food preparation tips, water flushes, food handling, and proper storage. They enjoy sharing family meals, a varied diet, the sight and aromas of foods, and even a faint taste sensation after burping. Moving Forward The use of blenderized foods for tube feeding is uncommon, but it’s becoming more popular among home EN patients and RDs.

Blenderized Diet

Great Valley Publishing Company, Inc. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Blenderized foods are a benefit for home EN consumers who have intolerances or are allergic to certain ingredients in standard EN formulas such as soy or casein.

He said his wife used the mixture in her feeding tube every day at home and wanted to have it in the hospital, too. In one report from the International Life Sciences Institute Task Force on Clinical Nutrition, Borghi and colleagues evaluated five blenderized diet recipes obtained from hospitals in Brazil and two commercial powdered EN products.

Foods that increase the risk of tube clogging include blueberries, string beans, and flax seeds. It was effective in preventing significant weight loss and promoting wound healing and successful skin grafting. Five consecutively admitted major burn patients were successfully supported with a high calorie, high protein diet supplemented with a blenderized diet formula that was prepared in our hospital. In some cases, people choose blenderized foods over conventional EN formulas because they cost less and especially if their medical insurance doesn’t cover home EN.

However, the use of blenderized foods for tube feeding isn’t for everyone, so RDs must discuss it with each patient’s physician and medical team before switching nutritional regimens.

Thousands of people are unable to eat by mouth and therefore require long-term home enteral tube feedings. This blog post by our dietitian gives great tips for transitioning to a blenderized diet via feeding tube.

Blenderized Diets: Research, Tips & Questions | Real Food Blends

They’re also unsuitable for those who lack the skills and motivation to prepare them. Blenderized food tube feedings usually aren’t advised for patients who blenderuzed jejunal tubes because of the smaller lumen, and some mixtures can separate while in the feeding bags, causing inconsistent nutrient delivery or tube occlusion. In children post-fundoplication surgery, a PBGT diet may decrease gagging and retching behaviors. The following foods blend well: However, the most important limitation of this study is that recipes vary greatly among different users, and practitioners can’t assume this result applies to all blenderized foods or diets that RDs develop or approve.


Accessed September 4, Many caregivers and patients find recipes for blenderized food tube feedings on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean they’re well balanced.

If you are blending fruits or vegetables, you can use less liquid. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Patients and caregivers can avoid clogs by using sufficient amounts of liquid in blends and frequently flushing tubes blennderized water. For children, adequate growth is important. While most use standard commercial enteral nutrition EN formulas, a growing number of home EN patients want fresh unprocessed foods instead of, or in addition to, their typical EN regimen.

US Government Printing Office; Food safety is a concern because unlike standard prepackaged EN products, freshly blenderized foods don’t undergo the canning process.

The researchers concluded that blenderized diets have variable macronutrient content, which can hinder effective EN therapy.

What can I eat and drink while on a blenderized diet? J Am Diet Assoc. Try to use blenderized foods right away so they will not spoil. The best liquids to use are those that add flavor and have added vitamins and minerals.

In addition, RDs can show consumers how to categorize foods as carbohydrate, protein, fat, vegetable, fruit, and dairy or dairy substitutes and use specified amounts from each category to meet individual calorie and protein needs. Enteral feeding in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients.