Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines [Karen Traviss] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excellent, collector quality book in pristine. Bloodlines has ratings and reviews. Lisa said: After getting involved in the story in the book before, this book almost frustrated me enough to. Author Q&A. Interview with Karen Traviss author of Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines Question: Bloodlines is the second novel in the Legacy of the.

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Added by 1 of our members. Bloodlines The second book in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Karn series A novel by Karen Traviss.

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force – Bloodlines : Karen Traviss :

A new era of exciting adventures and shocking revelations continues to unfold, as the legendary Star Wars saga sweeps forward into astonishing new territory. Civil war looms as the fledgling Galactic Alliance confronts a growing number of rebellious worlds – and the approaching war is tearing the Skywalker and Solo rraviss apart.


Han and Leia return to Han’s homeworld, Corellia, the heart of the resistance. Their children, Jacen and Jaina, are soldiers in the Galactic Alliance’s campaign to crush the insurgents.

Jacen, now a complete master of the Force, has his own plans to bring order to the galaxy. Guided by his Sith mentor, Lumiya, and with Luke’s young son Ben at his side, Jacen embarks on the same path that his grandfather Darth Vader once did.

Bloodlines (Star Wars : Legacy of the Force, book 2) by Karen Traviss

And while Han and Boodlines watch their only son become a stranger, a secret assassin entangles the couple with a dreaded name from Han’s past: In the new galactic order, friends and enemies are no longer what they seem.

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Legacy of the Force – Legends Book 2 Author s: Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.