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Reconnect the water supply to the inlet of the rp17py marked blue. You may initially get a short burst of very hot water that was in the plumbing lines from previous use. Verify circuit breakers serving the heater are not tripped.

BOSCH RP17PT Manuals

Come May, I rrp17pt off the propane boiler and hotwater tank completely, and turn on the valves to run the Bosch tankless hotwater heater from May 1 to Halloween.

This appliance must be grounded.

Now if needed bsch over the whole unit with compressed air to spruce it up and reduce fire hazard or if your diy then it’s nice to clean things before working on them imo. Mount the unit onto a flat section of wall, well away from any potential splashes of water or spray and away from areas where direct moist or wet contact could occur.


Bosch RP17PT Electric Tankless Water Heater v | eBay

All Bosch Powerstream Pro electric tankless water heaters should never be descaled with any type of solution such as vinegar, muriatic acid, etc. Do not install a check valve or any other type of back flow preventer within bosc feet of the cold water inlet.

No faucet taps are open. Don’t have an account? The minimum water pressure for the home should be 30psi or greater. This procedure will prevent the heating elements from burning out. Donni Steen Level 3 Expert Answers.

Consult a local plumber or service person for help in correcting a plumbing crossover. Increase flow rate where ever possible. Turning the dial clockwise increases the temperature setting as indicated by the marking on the unit. Answered on Apr 07, There are many reasons for this problem and here are some; low gas pressure, fan speed is low, wire connections are loose, the air in the gas line, no gas.

Open all hot water taps supplied by the heater. Volts Output Bowch 0. If one is not installed, install before proceeding. Answered on Jul 14, Turn power supply on to the heater. Use an ohmmeter to verify correct resistance on each rpp17pt. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

BOSCH RP17PT Handbook: How The Powerstream Pro Works

To operate correctly, the heater needs the following running pressures: The unit will work at lower supply voltages but the following changes will apply: And that’s it turn on the gas and water and go test rp17ptt brand new water heater! After igniting pilot and moving lever to on position the burner ignites and will not shut off. While waiting for service, read manual hosch to cover several times.


The modules inside consist of coiled elements that heat the water.

Heater must be full of water and air purged before power is turned on. Outlet shut-off valves are set too low Adjust installer supplied outlet valve as described below: Verify proper flow on the outlet side of the heater with the hot water pipe disconnected.

Bodch Parts Part Number 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 93 Description Refer to Diagram 1, Page 4 4 way term. The addition of too much cold water will overpower hot water demand from the water heater. Use of an isolation valve on the hot water outlet to control flow rate is recommended. Should it be necessary to service the Powerstream Pro, observe the following clearances.

Refer to Graph 1 for outlet temperature vs. Answered on Apr 04,