The bq/bq is a highly integrated battery charge controller and Multichemistry Battery Charger Controller & System Power Selector datasheet ( Rev. Multi-Chemistry Battery Charge Controller and System Power Selector. Datasheet Texas Instruments BQ BQ datasheet, BQ circuit, BQ data sheet: TI – MULTICHEMISTRY BATTERY CHARGER CONTROLLER AND SYSTEM POWER SELECTOR.

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I could not completely understand the part “no guarantees that the updater will work on it” in your response. Is it because a boot loader is required? If boot loaded is required, then does TI provide it? Basically both are set to 1. Is this to be expected?

I did just finish charging 3 hours ago, I will let it rest for 24 hours more. Attached is dataaheet screenshot of the registers from BQstudio for clarity. Again, from what I understand VOK should be cleared by now.

I did the same thing before. So why set it? And if I need to set it, to what setting? When charging the battery using the BQdo you know “charging” or “charging completed”? For example, does the red LED light up while charging and is there another pin that lights up the blue LED dataeheet charging is complete?

Aside from losing undervoltage protection are there any other reasons this could be a problem? Hello, The device would work with However, the efficiency will be very low. Beth, Yes, you can connect the system directly to the battery but as you point out, you will no longer have undervoltage protection on the battery. Many battery packs have an integrated protector so this may not be an issue. However, the battery may never charge if your system load gets all of the input power.


Hello Jimmy, With a battery present, the output will be powered by the battery regardless of the state gq24703 the CE pin. This will allow the device to charge the battery and power the output in the case of a deeply discharged battery.

Add a pull down resistor to the gate to prevent floating nodes. Hello Siva, To do that, you’ll need a gauge like the bq27z depending on your requirements. Please post a question on the Battery Gauge forum to get recommendations that meet your requirements.

Power management

Most of our boards works fine, but one of them doesn’t. When we connect the AC, the charger connects it to the system, but does not disconnect the battery from the system.

We use a 19 V supply with the Any idea on what can cause this kind of behaviour? BQ Hi, When the battery is over charging or over discharging, the alert pin will toggle and trigger the interrupt.

While the alert pin is also the interrupt indicator pin for the completion of current sampling. How to judge these two kinds of interrupts? Below is the words on the datasheet. I saw there are important parameter EOS data to configure to have a good. I saw this parameter is important in your document “Using the bq with Li-Primary Based Applications” but it is not explain how we have to configure it to have an efficient gauge in percent.


You can find instructions on reading and writing the dataflash in the “Data Flash Access ” section of the technical reference manual for bq40z50 Regards, Swami.

BQ Datasheet(PDF) – TI store

Hi Rahul, You can find datasheef on reading and writing the dataflash in the “Data Flash Access ” section of the technical reference manual for bq40z50 Regards, Swami. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel.

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BQ Notebook IC Equivalents | BD-FIX

I want to know if it’s charging. System Load Connected to VBat pin. Recovery from overvoltage fails. Hello Janik, Can you please repost the image. Chip enable pin of BQA. Hi, Are you wanting Gerber files?

Charger doesn’t disconnect battery from system when charging. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Browsing All Articles Articles.