Reviews Rosi Braidotti () Metamorphoses: Towards a Feminist Theory of Becoming, Cambridge: Polity Press. Rosi Braidotti () Transpositions: On. Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming Rosi Braidotti is Professor of Women’s Studies at the University of Utrecht, and Director of the. Metamorphoses has 60 ratings and 2 reviews. Dario said: Un orribile saggio in cui Rosi Braidotti cerca di unire il femminismo della differenza di genere.

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Rosi Braidotti Metamorphoses: Towards a Feminist Theory of Becoming, Cambridge: Rosi Braidotti Transpositions: Reviews Rosi Braidotti Metamorphoses: On Nomadic Ethics, Cambridge: Subjectivity is, for Braidotti, always already in motion and bodies and spaces are materialised in the act of becoming different or strange.

Braidotti thus prepares a conceptual space where the de-essentialised subject of Western deconstructivist thinking can take pleasure from and explore the possibilities of social construction and material being. These singularities are, however, not singular stand- alone concepts, nor is the subjective space plane.


Although Braidotti shares a conception of gender constructivity with certain third wave feminist philosophies, she differentiates her viewpoint from less materialist feminist thought, such as is formulated in the early work of Judith Butler. Braidotti argues that there are certain socially constructed identity-shaping loci of becoming, but these are cartographical points within inter- trans- or internal materialising processes rather than external impositions.

In other words, changes hurt and transformations are painful; this does not mean that they are deprived of positive and even pleasurable side- effects, of course. It is a collectively shared and constructed, jointly occupied spatio-temporal mteamorphoses. It comprises the cartographical points of becoming-world and becoming-ethical.

It presents an opportunity to pursue a political agenda without adhering to fusty binary power structures. One may question what happens after the living boundaries have been embraced: However, I believe that this question belongs to a future configuration within the theorising negotiation that Rosi Braidotti is taking part in.

Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming by Rosi Braidotti

braiotti Narrative Time in National Contexts, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pages. His distinctive assemblage of the time—image, the movement-image and the politics of national identity is bound to fuel ongoing arguments that reverberate beyond the field of theory.


This is particularly the case with Anglo-American film studies. Metamorphoxes book intervenes in the long—standing and often highly partisan debate between formalism film as art form and aesthetic experience and culturalism film as representational socio-political practice. Remember me on this computer.

Rosi Braidotti, Metamorphoses: Towards a Materialist Theory of Becoming – PhilPapers

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