The Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (abbreviated to BPHS) is a foundational compilation of Original text (in Sanskrit) बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्र; Translations online (in English) [ Brihat. बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्र. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Parashara’s Vedic Horoscopy. Translation and commentary by Dan Nelson. In I was able to find a Sanskrit translations of the ​Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra I mentor to teach me Sanskrit until about mid consulted were the.

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Sanskrit book in 2 parts by Madhusudan Ojha on nature and history of Maharshis with hindi comments Gita Pravachan 3: The Ubhayachari native will be a king or a equal to a king and be happy. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset padashara. One born in Subh Yog will be eloquent, charming, and virtuous, while his counterpart will be sensuous, will do sinful acts, and will enjoy or swallow others’ wealth.

Unfortunately it is not very good. If Atma Karak is strong and is with a benefic or Amatya Karak is in its own Bhava or in exaltation, one will parqshara become a king’s minister. If Shani is in Agam Avastha, the native will incur diseases, and will not be skilful in earning royal patronage.

This will yield the net longevity. If Buddh is in Netrapani Avastha, the native will be devoid of learning, wisdom, well wishers, and satisfaction but he will be honourable; if Buddh is in Putr Bhava in Netrapani Avastha, the subject will be bereft of happiness from wife and sons; he will be endowed with more female children and sqnskrit gain abundant finance through royal patronage.

The learned should estimate the effects due to a bhava in the manner cited above i. If there are benefics in Kendras from Karakamsh Lagn, he will become a king.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: Effects of the First House | Michael D Neely –

In revealing maleficence due to rulership of Kendras, Chandr, Buddh, Guru, and Shukr are significant in the ascending order. Randhr’s lordship of Surya and Chandr is not evil. Should a rashi of Shukr be Putr Bhava and be occupied by Shukr himself, while Mangal is in Labh Bhava, the native will obtain great riches.

In the case of even rashis this arrangement is in reverse sanskit. If Shani is in Netrapani Avastha, the native will be endowed with a charming female, wealth, royal favour, and friends; he will have knowledge of many arts; and he will be an eloquent speaker. If both are in dual rashis then, again medium life will be obtained.



Buddh is somewhat inauspicious; the Guru group Guru, Chandr, and Shukrand Mangal will inflict death. Effects of Guru’s Avasthas at Birth: Nakshatra Dasas and their interpretation.

Grahas and Makar Lagn: Of all the 27 Stars-all wives of Chandra-Rohini is said to have been fond of fine dress, cosmetics and decore and was the most beloved of Chandra.

If Rahu and Parashar are in Kendr receiving a drishti from or in association with the lord of a Kon, or if Rahu or Ketu happen to be in a Kendr receiving a drishti from or in association with the lord of a Kendr it will become Yog Karak. The yuti of Guru with Shani is similar to that for Brrihat Lagn. If Shukr is in Nritya lips Avastha, the native will be skilful in literature and intelligent; he will play musical instruments like lute, tabla, etc.

Last and largest treatise on Indian astronomy Brahma Parashaea Siddhanta 1: Furthermore, the native’s wife will predecease him.

One born in Veena Yog will be fond of songs, dance and musical instruments, be skilful, happy, wealthy, and be a leader of men. If Dharm’s lord is in Iravatamsh the native will be a synonym of Dharma or virtues just as Lord Ram and Yudhishtira the eldest of Pandavas. The effects may suitably be understood based on the explanations given above for the lords of Kendras. If Chandr is in Upavesan Avastha, the native will be troubled by diseases, he will be dull-witted, not endowed with mentionable wealth i.

Excepting Shukr and Shani, the contributions made by others should be halved, if they are eclipsed, by Surya. Benefic and Malefic Yogas: If a grah is in a friendly rashi, or is yuti with, or receives a drishti from a benefic, or is yuti with Guru, it is said to be in Mudit Avastha. The native will be a spend thrift if the 12th from Atma Karak receives a drishti from the dispositor of Atma Karak or if Vyaya Bhava receives a drishti from the lord of Lagn. Scholars hold this view on account of the fact that the Sanskrit style in which it is written is not that of age of the Mahabharata.

The lord of it is Sukra, the symbol a Cart drawn by Cows.


Propitiations and remedies for inauspicious aanskrit. The years correspond to the number of Navamshas counted from Mesh. Note the occupant of Randhr Bhava: If there be an exchange between an lord of a Kendr and a lord of a Kon, or if a lord of a Kendr is yuti with a lord of a Kon in a Kendr or in a Kon, or if a lord of a Kon is in a Kendr or vice versa, or if there happens to be a full drishti between a lord of a Kendr and a lord of a Kon, they cause a Yog.

Mangal, Guru, and Chandr are malefics, Shukr and Buddh are auspicious.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra – Vic DiCara’s Astrology

That is how sanskrjt final life span of men be understood. Manu Smriti is ascribed. If Buddh is in Upavesan Avastha in Lagn, the native will possess the seven principle virtues; if Buddh in Upavesan Avastha is in Lagn, receiving a drishti from a malefic, or drishtis from malefics, or is yuti with malefics, penury will result; and if Buddh in Upavesan Avastha is in Lagn receiving a drishti from a benefic, or drishtis from benefics, or is yuti with benefics, financial happiness will follow. O Brahmin, listen to these with examples.

If Surya is in Bhojan Avastha, the native will experience pains in joints; parashar will lose money on account of others’ females, he will have strength declining off and on; he will be untruthful, will incur head-aches, will eat remnant food, and will take to bad ways. Shukr and Buddh are malefics, Mangal, Guru, and Chandr are auspicious.

If Ketu is in Agaman Avastha, the native will incur many diseases, will face loss of wealth, will hurt others with his teeth ‘Danta Ghatin’ ; he will be a tale bearer and will blame others. Should Chandr be in Kark identical with Lagn, and be yuti with or receiving a drishti from Buddh and Guru one will be wealthy. Many Sanskrit scholars are of the opinion that it is a relatively modern text, post AD, which is actually a compilation of texts that had come before it and that it is written in the colorful style of the dialogue between Parashara and Maitreya, though no such dialogue actually took place.