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Keep this manual in a convenient place for quick and easy reference at all times. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks Bluetooth manuao a registered trademark owned by its proprietor.

Brother uses Bluetooth wireless technol- ogy under license. The Brother logo is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd. Brother is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd. Preface This Service Manual is intended for use by service personnel and details the specifications, construction, theory of operation, and maintenance for the Brother machines noted on the front cover.

It includes information required for troubleshooting and service–disassembly, reassembly, and lubrication–so that service personnel will be able to understand equipment function, repair the equipment in a timely manner and order spare parts as necessary. How this manual is organized This manual is made up of nine chapters and appendices. Information about the keys on the control panel is included to help you check operation or make adjustments.

Customizing codes customize firmware for individual models, enabling the common firmware to be used for various models. Appendix 7 Deletion of User Setting Information Provides instructions on how to delete user setting information recorded in the machine and cordless handset manaul.

Documents will be fed into the For models with ADF machine, page by page. Special functions Combination of keys Available for: Maximum x dpi Mono Resolution Scan: Maximum x dpi horizontal x Maximum x dpi Normal, Fine, Printer Setting 2.

Mac OS X LTR Glossy resin Inkjet: Brother Paper for coated: A4 Oceania Glossy resin coated: Brother Paper for Glossy resin coated: For Photo 4 x 6″ paper and Photo L 3. Keep the paper flat and away from moisture, direct sunlight and heat. It aids in understanding the basic principles of operation as well as locating defects for troubleshooting. The detailed illustration on the next page shows the components making up the ADF: The CIS drive mechanism details brotherr operates for each scanning command executed.

Ink supply and ink jet mechanism Section 3. This roller performs paper registration and feeds paper to the printing section precisely. This roller ejects paper and keeps paper tension tight. This motor pulls in paper, switches the paper feed operation The front end consists of metal plates laminated together and etched to brothe ink flow channels. Piezoelectric ceramic actuators generate the spray pressure.

Front end Front end components and their main roles – Piezoelectric plate Applying a voltage stretches the bother, serving as the actuator for spraying ink. Consisting of thin piezoelectric plates laminated together, this plate can be driven even by a low voltage.

  6GK7 343 1EX11 0XE0 PDF

Ink spray function The head employs drop-on-demand ink-jet printing.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Print commands to the drive circuit apply a bias voltage to the layer electrodes on the piezoelectric ceramic surface stretching the elements perpendicular to that surface.

Damping Without damping, ink pressure fluctuations directly affect the size of ink-jet head droplets, risking lower print quality.

Each damper assembly has two chambers. The one on the right in the illustration below has a loose film across its top and serves as a damper. The film immediately flexes in and out in response to falls and rises in pressure, adjusting the chamber volume to counteract pressure fluctuations in the ink supply tubes. Ink refill assembly components and their main roles – Ink refill case – Cartridge release levers – Ink refill base and its foam – Mfd-990cw cartridge detection manial on the ink cartridge detection sensor PCB – Ink empty sensors on the ink empty sensor PCB – Ink foam and its case Pushing the ink cartridges into the ink refill case until they click secures them and brothed the cartridges’ ink supply ports into close contact with the ink refill mfc-990cww to prevent ink leakage.

See the illustration below. The maintenance unit has the following mechanisms. Usually the pump switching unit is switched to the opening tube to the atmospheric air so that the pressure in the head caps and air vent cap is equal to the normal atmospheric pressure. When the power is off or the machine is not printing, this mechanism fits the head cap unit which contains two head caps tightly over the print head to prevent the head nozzles from drying up and to keep dust off the head nozzle surface.

The counterclockwise rotation of the paper manul motor drives the purge cam that aligns the pump switching unit with either the black or color ink drain position. Next, the paper feed motor reverses to activate the tube pump, producing negative pressure to drain the air and old ink from the head nozzles and channels into the ink absorber box.

When the purge cam is in a head capping position and the head cap unit fits tightly over the print head, the pump mf-c990cw unit is switched to the opening tube to the atmospheric air so that the pressure in the head caps and air vent mfv-990cw returns to the normal atmospheric pressure. Manufacturing limitations, however, make perfect alignment impossible during mass production.

The angle must be adjusted at the individual machine level. The following mfc-90cw this adjustment mechanism’s components and their roles. See the illustration on the next page. The following illustration is a cross-sectional view of the machine viewed from the right. When the mode switching lever is placed in the left position, the clutch gear L also meshes with the ASF changeover gear. It realizes the following.

Other controls Paper feed position and speed mfx-990cw A PF encoder disk with the resolution of dpi 0. The PF encoder sensor uses it to nrother a signal indicating mfc9-90cw gear rotation speed–in other words, the paper feed roller speed–to the controller for use in controlling paper feed position and speed.


If the controller detects a head’s travel speed error, it interprets the error state as a paper jam or any foreign material getting into the carriage travel path and stops the operation. If any error message appears, refer to this chapter to find which components should be checked or replaced.

The latter half of this chapter provides sample problems that could occur in the main sections of the machine and related troubleshooting procedures.

Paper size, Volume settings, Ring volume – Brother MFC 990cw User Manual

The machine base unit is being set Wait until the registration is finished. Running out of ink Replace or reload the ink cartridge.

Unplug and plug the AC cord. If the planetary arm does maual move smoothly, clean it. Purge cam switch harness Correct the connection to the not connected correctly Abnormal stop of purge Foreign materials in the Remove foreign materials. Paper width sensor Paper width sensor media Readjust the left and right media sensor error. Paper double feeding caused Reload paper.

Foreign materials in the Remove foreign materials. Abnormal load applied to the Replace the PF-related gear s.

User’s Guide | Manuals | MFCCW | Others | Brother

Paper feed motor harness not Correct the connection. DF, E0 Modem error. Touch panel initialization Touch panel in contact with Clean the touch panel, then turn brothe at the time of something during No dial tone detected before start of dialing. Busy tone detected before dialing. No loop current detected. Remote terminal not ready for polling. Remote terminal not equipped with password function or its password switch OFF. Remote terminal not equipped with or not ready for confidential mailbox function.

Illegal recording width requested. ECM requested although not allowed. Polled while not ready. No document to send when polled.

Nation code or manufacturer code not coincident. Polling ID not coincident. Received PPS containing invalid page count or block count. Unable to receive polling even during turn-around transmission due to call reservation. It is impossible to anticipate all of the possible problems which may occur in future and determine the troubleshooting procedures, so this section covers some sample problems.

Recording paper Check that: Ink cartridges 1 Majual that all of four ink cartridges are loaded. Refer to Chapter 9, Section 9. If the copied image is normal, the cause of the problem may be the sending station e.

Problem Action to be taken 1 Completely blank At the scanner Check that the document is placed facing in the correct direction. In flat-bed scanning, is the document placed face down on the scanner glass? Check the following components Problem ,anual to be taken 4 Light At the scanner Check the following components: Any of them has run out of ink or the ink viscosity has been increased, so replace it.