18/19 MARCH Wroxton. 15/16 APRIL Fatcats. 27/28 MAY Brookthorpe. 24/25 JUNE Walterstone. 22/23 JULY Warmingham Lane. TF9 4AA. Mar TBC. Cheshire Northwest. Mar Bicton. Warley Wasps. March 30/ Tunstall Hall. Wem and Warley. TF9 4AA. 1st Round BSMA Nationals. Effect Size of mixture Minimal number of mixtures Cultivar Cultivar + BSMA Cultivar 2)(m − 3)/24 Effect General Cultivar m-1 BSMA.

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Last sem revealed some new changes to the exam format liao so old way of studying and preparing or spotting becomes dangerous. If Section A only has 1a, 1b, 1c all relatedit’s either you know or don’t know.

Anyone going for orientation wanna be lost sheep together? Im taking these for first sem! This is for HRM peeps to join!


I will bska going for orientation too.

SUSS Part-Time /01 intake – Page 24 –

Are the lectures compulsory? What if we missed a few lecures?

You need to maintain a minimum cGPA of 2. If you drop below 2. Get ready oh yea,for HR,my teacher say now they try to cramp all the topics in the exam. The food is not bad. Lots of xmm to beo also Can start to try bsmx book before the term starts!

Someone please create a grp chat.

PM for my number yay!! Doing BSMA might change this sem or next few sems. Then that I won’t know. I would believe a combination of both, put academic grades should still form a big consideration.

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