The BUGHUNTERSTM role-playing game—part of the AMAZING ENGINETM line -up—casts player characters as protectors of the human race. Travel to exotic new worlds, see strange new life forms, and kill them before they kill you! Bughunters casts player characters as protectors of the human race . The Bughunters role-playing game–part of the Amazing Engine Bughunters PCs seek out and battle inimicable alien creatures while trying to piece together.

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It is finally that time, the Myth Weavers Storycrafting contest has begun!

Anything good for “bug hunt” games? : rpg

Entrants will have from now until Details for the contest, the great prizes, and a place to ask questions may be found in the Storycrafting Announcement thread.

Jun 6 ’16, 9: You know the story.

From classics such as Aliens and Starship Troopers, to modern contenders such as Alien Breed and Xenoshyft, it always goes something like this – hostile swarms of powerful alien beasts are rampaging, and it’s up to brave but hapless marines to contain them.

There are variations on a theme, of course – I’m partial to stories of isolated ships or stations overrun with deadly predators. But one could also try for a scenario where the r;g must stop a ship or an entire colony from reaching the “infested” stage.

Perhaps the marines could even bughuntees trying to defend a base in hostile territory, or even on the offensive on an alien world. So, as you might have inferred, Bughuhters curious about the prospects of such a game being run in pen-and-paper RPG format.

Inspired by my recent discovery of the board game Xenoshyft, I’m hoping I can find some like-minded individuals for trigger-happy pulp sci-fi fun. Regarding systems, I’ve heard various suggestions for systems suitable for an action-based game, from famous systems like GURPS to free systems such as Eclipse Phase and Halo Mythic, but I don’t have much experience in said systems.

I’m also not confident about my ability to run such a game, despite working on a setting for just such an RPG. So, I ask – does the idea appeal to anyone else? Well, you had me Starship Troopers. I would be interested in a game like this. I admit I am limited in my system knowledge, so I don’t have any suggestions outside of Star Frontier, but I am not really sure that one is the best choice.

I am willing to learn a new system and have started to read through the Eclipse Phase rules. That said, one for: Any of the 40K systems would work thematically and mechanically.

You want to use this: Carnage Among the Stars It’s an incredibly simple system, designed to get the game mechanics down to a minimum. You can either blast through it like one of the old Steve Jackson min-games, or take advantage of the minimalist approach in order to maximize your role playing stuff.


It’s also cheap by comparison to most games these days. You might even find a cheaper version if you looked around. The RPGnet review of it is kind of dense but should cover the basics enough for you to decide if you like bkghunters. Thinking this one would have to rely heavily on tactical maps to be effective.

It’s hard to say “there’s a horde of aliens” coming down the hall without being able to show that. I always loved playing the board game version of Aliens. It was simplistic and random enough in alien placement that no two games ever ended the same way. Just bughynters bad drop bbughunters Hicks is dead in round one leaving you with Frost and Crowe running for their lives. Oh, and yes, I’m in. Find all posts by thesloth Add thesloth to Your Contacts So there we were, surounded Jun 8 ’16, 6: So I’m assuming you’re unaware that an acutual RPG named Bughuntegs was created back in the mid 90’s.

I may have a pdf of it. It was fairly simple and very fun. I will update this post if I find it. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it’s just fun Looks like my pdf when MIA bughuters a thumb drive mishap.

But there is this: Jun 8 ’16, 7: All right, about time I replied to this, thanks for the suggestions thus far. Only War and Deathwatch are definitely prime candidates, especially if I want to play up the horror and grimness of the situation. Deathwatch seems better for powerful elite troops, while Only War could be about the tale of the poor non-elites who are the first line of defense against alien horrors. Too few tactics, for instance. Bughunters seems cheap enough, I could well purchase a copy for inspiration.

Otherwise, there are the systems I mentioned, though I’m afraid I’m not familiar enough with them to weigh their pros and cons. However, I’m also posting about more than just systems. While this need not be the setting for this game, even if I GM, I wanted to post it since I’ve been having fun working on it. In the time between the near and far future, people, and humanity itself, are ruled by corporations.

Over the course of centuries, they have grown and bloated to the point that they are run less like respectable enterprises, and more like sovereign nations mixed with mafia clans. Some are so mighty that they even vie with each other for military as well as political and economic power.


And at the top, executives, the new nobility, deal in trillions while commoners fall into debt trying to provide for their families. In this climate, all orders from one’s employers are unquestionable, and no opportunity for profit and power shall be passed up, regardless of morality.

AM3: Bughunters | RPG Item | RPGGeek

All planets are resources, all employees merely corporate assets to aquire them. Thus, one corporation thought nothing of sending thousands of soldiers dpg defend the scientists on one remote world, ignorant of the meaning of the research their charges were conducting. Though vastly different from each other, several species of vastly different byghunters work in harmony for mutual survival and growth.

Unfortunately, this harmony comes at the price of the blood and flesh of all life inferior to them. And indeed, given the spectacular strength, durability, and special traits of these beasts, no life in the galaxy can compare to them. A science expedition, heavily armed and escorted, was sent to study them.


After several grueling months and thousands of casualties, the cost was deemed too great at the present time, and ships were sent to evacuate the personel there. However, one transport vessel, upon returning to port in human space, discharged a swarm of aliens into a populated area.

In the panic and confusion, as troops were massed rpgg restore order, several ships took bufhunters and fled in seemingly randomly directions throughout human space. And as they reached their destinations, the alien swarm spread with them. And the question was raised – was it an outbreak, like a disease?

Or an invasion from a hostile force? PCs might want to be part of the hapless soldiers holding out on a remote world against an alien force in their own territory, or perhaps they want to defend, save, and evacuate civilians from a space station or city being overrun.

Bughunters RPG

Maybe they’d find enjoyment in a counterattack or cleansing operation – or perhaps as crew of one of the carrier ships, doomed though they might – or bugyunters not – be. Jun 8 ’16, 9: The crew on the doomed carrier idea, could become an ark scenario.

A few alien stow-aways or a pursuit vessel dogging them while the small crew tries every desperate tactic to hold the ship together. Originally Bhghunters by Dusk Raven. Last Database Backup Originally Posted by Dusk Raven Too few tactics, for instance.