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Services Marketing Download Report. Published on Nov View 80 Download 0.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, used in a spreadsheet, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, cataloo or otherwise spesajica prior permission in writing from ICFAI Center for Management Research.

While every possible care has been taken in typesetting and printing this book, ICMR welcomes suggestions from students for improvement in future editions. Please use the Courseware Feedback Form available at www. Multiple Choice QuestionsForIBSUseOnl yThis section consists of multiple-choice questions that test the students understanding of the basic catallgo discussed in the textbook.

Answering these questions will help students quickly recollect the theories theyve learnt and apply these to real-life business situations. Fort heCl as sof 9Part A: The concept of marketing mix was coined by whom and in which year?

Philip Kotler, Neil H. Borden, Michael Porter, Igor Ansoff, c. BSOn his visit to Mumbai, Mr. Jacob, stayed in a star caralogo that charges Rs. The hotel provided 2 meals and snacks during his stay. Which of the following statements is not true regarding the service in the hotel industry? Services can be differentiated on the basis of their price and higher price is associated with better quality The fixed costs are higher and the variable costs are low for a service, when compared to a catalpgo The major part of the price paid by a customer goes catlaogo covering the variable costs of the hotel service provider Promotion of service offers cannot be carried out in isolation, without the mention of the service providerFoOnl yUse4.

FoWhich of the following aspects of services take place simultaneously? Cl as sWhich of the following features separate services from products?

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KFC, which has its only outlet at Bangalore in the country, is all set to open its new retail outlets at Delhi and Hyderabad. Which stage of the PLC is it in? Introduction Growth Maturity DeclineWhich of the following attributes of services make it difficult for a service provider to evaluate them when compared to goods? High search and experience quality High experience and credence quality High credence and search quality Both b and c Air Deccan has 38 seats in one of its flights.

However, on a particular day 4 seats were unoccupied due to nonbooking. The airline cannot make for the capacity cataloo on that particular day or any other day. What aspect of service are we referring to?


Perishable nature of services Intangible nature of services Inseparable spessmica of services Incompatible nature of services Segmenting the market according to the customer use of services is an example of: Demographic segmentation Geographic segmentation Behavioral segmentation Psychographic segmentation The intangible aspects of a service spring forth for which of the following service product levels? Actual product level Core product levelof 9Services Marketing c.

Augmented product level Potential product level The gap between a customers desired service expectation and the adequate service expectation is known as: Zone of tolerance b. Predicted service expectation c.

Derived service expectations d. BayView, a Mumbai-based hotel recently added a health club and teleconferencing facilities to its regular services.

This falls into which category of new service development? Which of the following is not a market penetration strategy? Maintaining or increasing the market share of existing services b. Entering new markets with the existing services c. Driving away competitors by restructuring a mature market d. Inducing existing customers to use the services frequentlynl yForI Marketing audit includes an analysis of all the following except a.

Every service has certain design risks due to intangibility, and marketers should have a complete understanding of these risks. Which of the following is not among the risks proposed by Lynn Shostack in relation to service description? Which among the following is a dimension of credence qualities? Which of the following is not an approach to pricing in services?

When mobile telephone services cell phones were introduced in India, the service providers charged over Rs 16 per min. What type of demand-based pricing were the service providers using in the introductory stage of the service? The ability of the service provider and his employees to use their knowledge and courteous behavior to instill trust and confidence in customers regarding the service is referred to as: Which of the following names apply to the price charged for advertising and legal services?

Which of the following is not a type of positioning strategy used in services marketing? Category positioning00 9Part A Which of the following is not an issue in the pricing of services?

Availability of raw materials b. Identify the factor that does not play a major role in setting the pricing objectives of a service organization a.

How would a company like to position its services? Are the prices chosen compatible with the corporate objectives? How do the shareholders react to the price changes made by the company? What is the duration of the life-cycle of the services? Which of the following is not a type of broadcast media used for advertising? Which group of customers is more likely to involve in spreading negative word of mouth about the services to their relatives and friends, and shift to other service providers, if there is a service failure by a company?

Which type of positioning involves communicating two or more contradicting features? Which of the following characteristics hinders a service from being produced and marketed in different places? Which of the following is not a factor affecting the communication process in services? An insurance company plans to advertise its new scheme to customers by putting up billboards, posters, and retail store displays.


Which of the following types of advertising is it resorting to? Outdoor and retail c. Assuming that a firm is operating in a market with low market attractiveness where its business strengths are relatively low, which of the following strategies is in the best interests of its stockholders?

Manage for earnings d. A hotel located in a hill station does not get enough customers during the months of January and February. Which of the following cataogo of pricing should it adopt to attract customers during the slack season? Which of the following is not a necessary strategy in the effective promotion of services? Adherence to legal regulations d. Employee motivation 5Cl as sof 9Services Marketing Which among the following is not true regarding the promotional strategies for services?

Intermediaries have a key role in the promotion speeamica services b. Service personnel play a larger role in promoting services c. Physical spseamica tangibilizes the services d. Services cannot be inventoried Which of the following is not a consideration for making channel decisions?

Channels should ensure easy accessibility and convenience b. Channels should cover all target markets c. Channels should ensure expansion at any cost to the service provider d.

Channels should ensure value addition to the customers Location decision is not an important decision cataloo which of the following firms? Which of the following is not one of the benefits that a firm obtains by undertaking direct distribution of services? Control over operations b. Healthy customer relationships c.

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Flexibility and confidentiality d. The process followed at Coffee bars in offering services to their customers can be classified under: Line or flow operations c. Non-renewals, restricted supplier resources, quotas, and terminations are components of which of the following strategies for effective service delivery through intermediaries?

Empowerment strategies include all of the following except a. Enabling intermediaries develop customer-oriented service processes b. Centralized decision making c. Providing required support systems d. Adopting co-operative management structure Which of the following is not an advantage of electronic channels in the service industry?

Increased customer convenience d. The statement of an organization that spesamcia the purpose of its existence and its philosophy, and provides direction to the management is termed as: