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I am looking for some welding books for beginning students that are in spanish. I have once student in my might class that speaks some english but doesn’t read it well. What would be ideal is something published in both english and spanish.

Textbooks are what is preferred and used is bohhler.

BÖHLER K – BÖHLER Deutschland

Any help is appreciated. Im looking to buy these myself but dint kniw, where to look. Crisi Date Lincoln used to publish some of their booklets small treatises rather than booklets, I’d say in Spanish.


Enter their site and have a look. Crisi Sao Paulo – Brazil P. The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese, not Spanish.

Todo a un solo clic de distancia

I called them today and no luck. They have some machine manuals and are going to be coming back out with the booklets in ESAB has published some catalogs in Spanish.

They’re catalogs, not textbooks, but may be useful for your purposes. By Euskera Date Hi Geraldeven when I was warned that this thread is old, I think I can offer my two cents to your inquiry for some welding instruction material in spanish. Manual Arc Welding Fundamentals http: Gerald I feel fine that people like you are giving support by teaching to people that speaks spanish language. If I can be bohlee some help for you in this subject of welding, particularly regarding in educational material in spanish, please do not hesitate and let me know through aceross forum.


Thanks for the information. I would love to have more students of any language if I could communicate.

The two spanish speaking students I had have not been back in awhile but maybe I will get more. Right now I’m at the lab wwith 5 empty booths. San Francisco – Section Rochester – Section Colorado – Section Puget Sound Olympic – Section Arizona – Section Catalovos – Section North Florida – Section Florida West Coast – Section Nevada – Section