View and Download Cisco RV user manual online. 10/ Port VPN Router Business Series. RV Network Router pdf manual download. Also for. View and Download Cisco RV – Small Business – 10/ VPN Router quick start manual online. Quick Start Guide. RV – Small Business – 10/ VPN. : Cisco RV port 10/ VPN Router – Multi WAN: Electronics. of the unit took three calls to support, and a few reads through the manual.

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Website addresses in this document are listed without http: If you use an older web browser, you may have to add http: Cjsco VPNs use the Internet, distance is not a factor.

It turns off when second using the tip of a pen. This is similar the Router is ready for use.

Cisco RV016 – Small Business – 10/100 VPN Router Quick Start Manual

There are three ways to place the Router. The first way is Suggested Mounting Hardware manuak place the Router horizontally on a surface.

The second way is to mount the Router on a wall. The third way is to mount the Router in a standard-sized, inch high rack. Tma specified by the manufacturer. Cosco port, and then plug the power cord into an electrical amnual. Power on your computers and other network devices.

Firmware version Displayed here is the current version of each port. If a port is disabled, it will be red; if a port is number of the firmware installed on the Router.

If a port is connected, it will be Displayed here are the type and speed of the green. Exit to maunal to the Network screen.

Internet connections for end-users. If you select the Connect on Cieco option, the connection will be disconnected The Router comes with a special DMZ port, which is used after a specified period of inactivity Max Idle Time.

If you for setting up public servers. The DMZ port sits between have been disconnected due to inactivity, Connect on the local network ports and the Internet port. The ISP you use to connect your network to the Internet should manul able to provide these addresses, as well as information on setting up public Internet servers.

Although Port Range Forwarding can Then the Router will forward the entry. Application Name If the Service you need is not listed in the menu, click Enter the name of the application. Service Management to add the new service. Settings to save your changes, or click Cancel Changes to undo them. Click Exit to return to the UPnP screen. If you want to delete a service you have created, select mnual and click Delete selected service. Click Save Settings to save your changes, or click Cancel Changes to undo them.


For example, if your host name were myhouse. The RIP would go into the second field, and net would go into the protocol regularly broadcasts routing information to last field.

Select the appropriate interface. If you are connecting to another network through the Internet, select the appropriate WAN port option. This xisco can detect the network connection who use Intelligent Balancer mode. If you did not set up the DNS confirmation message will appear.

This tool ciscl detect the network connection would like, up to a maximum of Then enter the IP address. To delete a rule, select IP Group it and click Delete selected application. Click Add to List, and configure as many rules as you Management screen appears.

To delete a rule, select it and click Delete selected application. Click Summary to see a summary of the Rate Control rules.


manjal Select Enable to use this Priority rule. Click Add to List, and configure as many rules as you would like, up to a maximum of Click Summary to see a summary of the Priority rules.

Look up the name Enter the host name, and click Go. Do not add the prefix http: The test will take a few seconds to complete. Then the Router will display the results. Status The status of the ping test is displayed. Import After you select the file, click Import. This process After clicking the button, a confirmation screen appears. Then restart the Router so that Click OK to continue.

Summary From the drop-down menu, select how many WAN ports you want to use. The default is 2. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration To add clsco domain to the list, click Add to list.

To remove a Access Rules domain from the list, select the entry, and click the Delete Except for the default rules, all configured access rules selected domain. If it can be any IP address, select Any. If it is a range of IP addresses, select Range, and enter the starting and ending IP addresses in the fields provided.

Enter maual domain you want to block. To remove a displayed. Client to Gateway tunnels, then this section will be blank. Only the device r016 a specific IP address will be able to access the tunnel. There are three groups of different prime key lengths. Group 1 is bits, and Group 2 is 1, bits. Group 5 is 1, bits. If network speed is preferred, select Only the computer with a specific IP address will be able Group 1.

Hexadecimal values is acceptable, and the will match the key in Phase 1. If MD5 is selected, the Authentication Key is bit, which IP header to verify the integrity of the entire packet by use requires 32 hexadecimal values. If you do not enter ,anual of vr016 of the original IP header manal the hashing process. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration This allows you to identify multiple tunnels and does not have to match the name used at the other end of the tunnel.


Interface Select the appropriate WAN port. Enable Check this box to enable a VPN tunnel. The default is IP Only. Only the computer with a specific IP address will be able to access the tunnel.

Cisco Systems RV016 user manual

Subnet Mask Enter the subnet mask. The default is In order for any encryption to occur, the two ends of a IP Range VPN tunnel must agree on the methods of encryption, decryption, cizco authentication. This is done by sharing Specify a range of IP addresses within a subnet that will be a key to the encryption code. Authentication Key This field specifies a key used to IP janual to verify the integrity of the entire packet by use authenticate IP traffic.

Enter a key of hexadecimal values. The certificate for the administrator contains the private key and should be stored in a safe place as a backup. Manuzl you reset the Router to its factory defaults, then you can import the certificate and restore it on the Router. Send E-mail to Enter the e-mail address that will receive your log files. If you do not want copies of the log information e-mailed to you, then leave this field blank. To clear a log, click Clear.

Click Refresh to update the statistics. To proceed manuwl the Wizard screen, click OK. Click Previous if you want to return Cancel. Click Exit if you want to exit the Setup Wizard.

Obtain an IP automatically Click Next to continue. Click Previous if you want to return to the previous screen.


Click Next to continue. Click Previous if you want to return to the previous depending on the intent of the Access Rule.

If it is one the Router to keep a log tracking this type of activity. Chapter 4 Advanced Configuration and select the appropriate days of the week. Appendix A Troubleshooting Appendix A: The Router does not have a coaxial port for the cable msnual.

Troubleshooting The Router does not replace your modem. You still need your cable modem in order to use the Router.