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You are a reader, and therefore a thinker, an observer, a living soul who wants more out of this human experience. This book was an absolute joy to read! Full of warmth, simplicity and an emphasis on what a short time it take a break from the normal can do to the spirits of four women.

Be sure to take some well needed time to read today.

It is not only our body that needs feeding but our minds and souls. We all need a bit of help in finding the right directions sometimes.

It seems fitting that the first book I post about on this page is this one. This book, an autobiography about how the book came to be, is imaginative and thoughtful. I am combining these two bookshops that I visited whilst in Cambridge in one post. What more can I say than the fact that I almost cried going into these stores where I can smell the wood pulp and vanilla of old book pages and seeing the beauty of leather bound volumes and gilt edged pages.

I have been in Cambridge these past days touring through several bookstores and what better way to start this page than here, one of the centres of literary learning and culture in the world. I have started this page to share about books and the power of words. What I read in October. What continues to blow me away is the ability of fiction to shuttle us into the minds of a diverse range of people; to experience their experiences of the world, to agpstinho with them, to abhor the injustices, to question, and to challenge.

Shouting from the rooftops: What I Loved and Drifting House. This is far easier said than done, especially for people whose loneliness arises from a state of loss or exile or prejudice, who have reason to fear or mistrust as well as long for the society of others.

Proudly present items for booklover I ever posted here before. Our awesome used book sale is on once again during the conffissoes of October at our Orleans location! Bring us your used books and take a gander at the ones we have here! Donate any amount and get yourself a new read! First you take santoo drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the conissoes takes you.


Nothing brings me more peace in a rainy morning than retiring into myself with a cup of coffee or two and navigating through my thoughts and those of individuals who felt so strongly about life and graced us with their words. But among the things readiest to hand to which you should turn, let there be these two: One is that things do not touch the soul, for they are external and remain immovable; so our perturbations come only from our inner opinions.

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The other is that all the things you see around you you change immediately and will no longer be; and constantly bear in mind how many of these changes you have already witnessed.

The universe is transformation: Oh this is awesome!

I’m so thrilled to discover that a freelittlelibrary has popped up right on my street! Quadra and Rupert Tce, if anyone wants agostinoh check it out! It so easily went out of control.

O Brasil tem filósofo

It scaled walls and jumped over trenches. Sparks leapt like fleas and spread as rapidly; a breeze could carry embers for miles. Better to control that spark and pass it carefully from one generation to the next, like an Olympic torch. Or, perhaps, to sent it confissows like an eternal flame: The key, she thought, was to avoid conflagration.

Better yet, what a great gift idea for your reader. First time creating my own knitting pattern. Mistakes abound, agostinh I’m still fairly proud conflssoes it. It’s a cover for my bullet journal. I just received the most amazing email. The sweet orange is definitely the top note, but it as a smoothness to it that so calming!

I highly recommend adding this one to your shopping cart! Natasha continues to amaze and surprise with her mastery of candle scents and combinations. I loved this memoir, though I grew sadder with every page. She narrates their life from her perspective as a child, which melted my heart. I loved how mature, optimistic, and grounded she and her siblings were despite their living circumstances. I believe one writes because one has to create a world in which one ca live.

I could not live in any of the worlds offered to me-the world of my parents, the world of war, the world of politics. I had to create a world of my own, like a climate, a country, an atmosphere in which I could breath, reign, and recreate myself when destroyed by living.

That, I believe, is the reason for every work of art. This book was confisses of twists and after I reached the middle of the story, I found myself on the edge of wherever I was sitting or laying while reading it.


I loved how it messed with my mind and how psychologically shocking it was.

I feel like I have this problem. I finally finished Fangirl today and it was delightful and adorable. Now on to the next book in the pile! Do you read fanfiction?? Confkssoes are my happy place. I cpnfissoes breathe freely in the smell of books around me. The mere sight of books is so fulfilling that it calms my mind and gives me a better insight into life. I will forever fall a little more in love with books and libraries. This one is in front of carpeartista in downtown Smyrna.

She had her addictions and one of them was reading. Bookclub 2 in the books punintended bibliophilebabes bokigelato siouxfallssd dtsf downtownsiouxfalls bookclub bookclubofinstagram carpelibrum seizethebook hifromsd jonesseedco wearetheants shaundavidhutchinson simonpulsepublishing.

HELICARNASSO, D. Tratado da Imitação

Share out in celebration of tattootuesday! The only Latin phrase that stuck. Does anyone have any book recommendations?

If it comes, let it. If it goes, let it. This seems to be the perfect sentiment for today. Turning junk mail into bookmarks. Happy World Book Day!! I love these beaded engravable bracelets and I honestly didn’t think I would! Thanks to book designer veason for the art direction, tattoos.

BRB going to dust my bookshelf. Shipping out in the morning! She’ll love this hand antiqued solid brass book lover’s pendant. Brand spanking new library in James Bay. It’s clean, fresh, quaint, quiet, comfortable, and it has that new book smell All of the books are new new new! This is the kind of progress that makes my heart happy. The written word is alive! Getting ready to start Wonder by: RJ Palacios bekindproject randomactsofkindness wonder adventuresinreading seizethebook.

Been sucked into a good book lately so was thinking about this wedding. Check out the way Megan and Stan incorporated their love for reading into their wedding AND knocked out wedding favors and helped make some more room on their bookshelves at home. Make your wedding yours. Who sees dragons in the clouds. Who feels most alive in worlds that never were. Who knows magic is real. This is for you. Hoping to finish this retelling of Beauty and the Beast today. Welcome to Aalphabet of Reads!

This account will revolve on reviews of Filipino books and stories. This account aims to uphold Philippine literature and its writers. Join me as I start my journey in exploring the world of reading.

Love when customers send pictures of them enjoying their cups!