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Cosel pe Reply to Thread. Jan 5, 1. Jan 5, 6 0. Hi, I need some help here please. I have a cosel pe smps used on an embroidery machine, I have been working on this for 2 days.

Taiwan COSEL PE |

What it does is comes on, I have 24 volts at the output,the machine runs for a few minutes ;300e-24 errors out. I took it apart and found a solder connection at one capacitor completely gone.

So I made the repair,started up the machine and it ran 3 times longer. This smps is on a toyota esp. Is there any suggestions p300e–24 where to check first. I will be replacing the cap tomorrow.

Any help would be great,because replacing this smps is So thanks in advance to any help offered. Jan 5, 2. Apr 20, 15, That is 24 volts at what kind of amperage? I had a switcher start to eat caps, and just had to give up on it. Without a schematic, it’s just too dangerous to poke at one while it runs. Jan 6, 3. Feb 19, 6, Ripple is mVmV, do you have a scope to see what the actual ripple is? To start with, look to see if any caps are visibly bulged or leaking while the power is off.


Jan 6, 4. Worse come to worse, there are alternative sources for switchers – http: Jan 6, 5.

I dont have a scope, and it is 14 amps. I am some what a novice in repair. I have some schooling and a lot of self taught.

Cosel Pe Pe24 Power Supply 24v 14a | eBay

Smps are tough to figure out. I dont have any caps bulging. What is the best way to see if they are leaking. Another question, can you get a good reading or idea if the caps are bed checking them in circuit,or is it a must to take them out. Sep 15, 6. Sep 15, 2 0. I have two Toyota Embroidery machines. An Expert and an Expert A. Both have the same cosel pe smps like your AD The cable connection between operation box and CPU-board is o.

All of them show nice 12MHz signals on my scope. I uploaded all pictures to flickr.

DHL/EMS COSEL switching power supply P300-24/P300E-24 24V 14A for industry use -A1

Just search for “Embroidery Tom”. I made a read-out but have no data to compare with.

In general any help or hint how to awake my AD would be very welcome. But still the cosel pe smps does not start up. Even the LED remains off. There are no deformed caps not any leakage. Any idea how to check the cosel pe smps? We need to help each other with p300e-224 kind of out-dated embroidery machines. Sep 17, 7. That helps us greatly in understanding what you are referring to, instead of guessing which photo on Flickr is the correct one. You can also add photos as attachments using the paperclip, so Flickr isn’t needed at all.


Sep 20, 8. You are right, next time I will post the photos directly in the forum. For this time I will post the link to flickr only.

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