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The CA7 Series of general and special purpose contactors represents the most modern and flexible power contactor available today. Offering includes schun applications, lighting applications, switching heaters or transformers, including elevator duty, NEMA ratings and HVAC ratings.

Sprecher + Schuh Products Directory

Various features include DC electronic coils, dual power terminals, mechanically linked contacts forced guided contactsand electronic interface. Many of the contactors are only 45mm wide, an extremely small footprint for such rugged performance of 1 million operations or more.

The CA9 series of large amperage contactor are the modern contactor for demanding applications. The CA9 line combines the simple function of our popular CA7 series with the rugged performance demanded in this wide horsepower range.

This line is ideally suited for demanding applications such as steel mills, rock quarries, mines or for any middle horsepower application where a sturdy, durable contactor is needed. Holding current is also reduced. CA6 contactors range from 75 to HP V. Offering includes reversing applications, switching heaters or transformers and including elevator duty, and NEMA Sized ratings. Various features include electronic coils and electronic interface with rugged performance of 1 million operations or more.

Offering includes reversing applications, switching heaters or transformers. This line is well suited for heavy industrial applications utilizing large machinery and equipment. The CA8 miniature contactors and starters provide an extremely wprecher and reliable method of controlling motors of 7. The CA8 is an economical choice for applications where space is limited or achuh a minimal enclosure sprecber desired. Offering includes reversing applications.

When the CA8 miniature contactor is direct coupled with a CT8 thermal overload relay the result is a very compact starter. Selection of contactors include: Accessories include side mount auxiliary contacts, mechanical interlocks and DIN rail mounting adapter. Profibus or Ethernet communications are also possible. CEP7 mounts directly to the CA7 up to amps or CA6 contactors up to amps or available for separate mounting up to amps. CT7N thermal overloads are the best choice for variable speed drive or DC current monitoring applications.

CT8 Thermal Overload Relays are simple and effective motor protection for applications 7. CEP9 Electronic Overload Relays are a modular motor protection device designed with advanced communication, control and sensing modules in a modular system.

Modifications include CPT, control relays, timers, additional auxiliaries, pilot devices, under voltage or over voltage phase monitors, sprwcher underload detection just to name a few.

Combination starters are available in fused or non-fused, and molded case circuit breaker. Our Canadian shop is also CSA-certified. Upon customer request, we can build ULlisted panels that satisfy the most rigorous UL inspection. The FMS consists of a snap switch combined with a thermal overload device operating on the solder-ratchet principle.

The fractional manual starter is available in surface mounting Type 1 enclosure with speecher without neon indicating light foror VAC d5-3c10 phase applications. Heaters are sold separately. Kwikstarters are a compact package for reversing or non-reversing applications, which can be mounted adjacent to or directly on equipment.

Contactor and overload are either prewired and pre-mounted onto d5-3×100 enclosure’s built-in DIN-rail or may be ordered as separate components. More information on enclosed contactors and custom enclosures is available on sprecherschuh. Motor starter modifications include CPT, control relays, timers, additional auxiliaries, pilot devices, under voltage or over voltage phase monitors, just to name a few. Starters are available with ATEX approval on demand. Features and modifications include solid state overload relays or thermal overload relays, pilot devices, CPT, control relays, and windows for metering if required.


Most enclosures are in stock and sprechrr for assembly without lengthy lead times. Motors with two separate windings or one re-connectable winding can be used.

Multi-speed starters are sold in non-combination sprecherr combination models and a full range sprecherr modifications are available to suit customer’s specific scuuh. RV starters are available in reduced voltage autotransformer, wye-delta, part-winding versions.

Reduced voltage starters are designed for starting squirrel cage induction motors where the starting current of a motor is likely to exceed local power company restrictions, interfere with plant operations or where the load may be damaged by high sprefher torques. RV starters are sold in non-combination or combination models and a full range of modifications or available to suit customer’s specific needs. Typical applications include irrigation and waste water treatment, as well as oil well and agricultural applications.

These compact enclosures provide adequate room to mount a mechanical timer and other customer supplied controls. A full range of modifications or available including alternation to suit customer’s specific needs. Custom Control panels are available in a wide variety of custom combinations and configurations. For more cshuh visit the custom controls section on www.

Four standard starting modes are available. The PCS Controller offers a built-in overload relay, internal bypass contactor sprwcher a microprocessor controller that provides a smooth voltage ramp-up to full motor speed.

Stop modes include coast-to-rest and a Soft Stop feature which ramps down high friction loads smoothly and eliminating sudden deceleration. The PF Softstarter Controller provides intelligence, unmatched performance, flexibility, and diagnostics in a modular compact design for controlling either a standard schhu induction motor or a star-delta motor. PF models are available in 12 current models from Seven standard, and two optional starting modes of operation are available within a single controller.

The PF Controller offers a built-in overload relay, internal bypass contactor and a microprocessor based controller that provides precise starting and deceleration of a three phase motor.

The PFD Braking option provides motor braking for applications which require the motor to stop quickly. The PCEC Hydraulic Elevator Softstarter controllers are designed to simplify installation, set-up, and typical operation of motors that drive hydraulic elevators and escalators. The PCEC Softstarter operates 3 phase standard squirrel cage induction motors and can be connected to a 6 scjuh 12 lead Wye-Delta Star-Delta or standard 3 or 9 lead line connected motors.

Sprecher Schuh D5-3×10 Series a Contact Block 600vac Max D53X10

Custom panels using the standard PCS and PFS Softstarters are an excellent choice for typical motor starting and soft stopping profiles. For customers seeking a control panel solution to reduce water-hammering or rapid fluid surges, our PFB Pump Control Softstarter d5-3×01 the market leader in this technology.

KTAs combine the functions of current limiting short circuit protection, Class 10 differential tripping thermal overload protection, approved means disconnect and signaling for motors up to 30HP V. Full arrays of accessories are available including internal and external auxiliaries, thru-the-door handle mechanisms, and compact bus bars for multi-starter panel assemblies. The current limiting circuit breaker provides fixed short circuit and overcurrent protection, and offers high interrupting ratings for 2- and 3-pole devices from 0.

Ecombo and EComboPlus starters cover motors up to 45 amperes, with aprecher limiting short circuit protection up to 65kA. These assemblies are most often applied in multi-motor starter control panels.


The KT4 is a manual motor starter featuring power switching, thermal overload protection and control circuit signaling. The KT4 can be supplied with field-installable shunt trip or an under voltage trip unit. Accessories include internal and external mount auxiliary signaling contacts as well as compact bus bar for group installation.

This manual motor starter is available in a variety of enclosures including non-metallic, surface, and flush and with an E-Stop if required. Bus Bar systems offers more flexibility, smaller and more economical alternative to a Motor Control Center that uses ‘bucket’ design. Bus Bar systems offer more flexibility, a smaller and more economical alternative to a Motor Control Center that uses ‘bucket’ design. They are compact and designed for heavy-duty industrial control applications where reliability and r5-3×10 are essential.

Interchangeable coils on the CS7 and CA7 lines mean less inventory. The CS7 is the standard relay with a general purpose UL rating of 25 amps. Various standard plug-in relay features include LED indicator, bi-polar DC coils, nickel cadmium or silver nickel cadmium-free contacts, mechanical flags, push-to-test buttons, latching levers and IEC-type sockets. The PIR6W slim 6.

Gefran Solid State Relays offer a wide range of sizes and two mounting options. Gefran is a world leader in the design and production of solutions for measuring, controlling, and driving industrial production processes. This 22mm line is aesthetically appealing and modularly designed to make assembly and interchangeability easy. The D7 operators are available in spdecher plastic and metal body styles.

Both operators exhibit a low profile while maintaining the rugged performance necessary for demanding environments.

D7P is a plastic operator constructed of high-grade thermoplastics designed for corrosive harsh environments. For super tough applications, the D7M has a die-cast zinc housing and a shiny mounting ring for rugged durability.

D7 offers standard sorecher blocks in addition to gold plated contacts for low level circuits down to 1mA 5V. The Illumination offering includes long lasting integral LED modules or incandescent bulbs.

The complete line of Auer signaling devices combine performance and reliability that are well-proven and used the world over. The Auer Signal plant in Vienna, Austria is an ISO facility manufacturing high quality visual and audible signaling dd5-3×10 since The PC7 70mm warning towers from Auer Signal offers unmatched signaling brightness, versatility and quality.

A simplified mounting system offers limited inventory but flexible connections. The wide variety of mounting options fits most any industrial application, including vertical, horizontal, a variety of pole lengths, and the Auer Signal Quick Mount system.

The PC7 light modules also offer eight colors and schhuh multi-color beacon. The modular design d5–3×10 available in several mounting options, colors and signaling configurations.

Towers can sprexher stacked up to 5 levels high. Available in 70mm, 60mm and 40mm diameters, these lights offer a wide range of illumination, sound and combination signaling with a variety of mounting options. The UL environmental ratings and module selections of the 30mm towers are identical to the 50mm warning lights. The 30mm Compact Tower lights are ideal for small defined areas needing visual and audible solutions. The halfDome 90mm wide towers are a sleek enclosed unit only 45mm deep.

These beacons and alarms are compact, available in a variety of sizes and decibel ranges, and install easily in a standard 22mm panel hole. The M22 features a detachable terminal block for ease d55-3×10 wiring and equipped with an anti-rotation tab to ensure a secure fit to the panel.