Datavideo TBC Dual Channel Time Base Corrector | Cameras & Photo, Video Production & Editing, Other Production & Editing | eBay!. Datavideo TBC Dual-Channel Time Base Corrector | eBay!. Two channel time base corrector. Features Re-generates all the sync signals to stabilize the video. Built-in four output distribution amplifier for st.

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Results 1 to 3 of 3. Which TBC to use?

Currently my capture chain goes like so: I have a couple of choices, but which should I use: Before the video processor or after? Thanks for any ideas.

I have a TBC that works pretty well, although it tends to roll on bad cuts. I also use an AVTool which does a better job on horizontal sync but has its own problem with field ghosting.


Datavideo TBC Dual Channel Time Base Corrector | eBay

I usually put the TBC ahead of the proc amp. Sometimes I’ll put the proc amp first because the ‘s AGC has trouble with really bad vertical sync. Ta for the insight. Ill consider using the TBC then. Got the TBC and it does the job. I like being able to now see where I am when fast-forwarding or rewinding the tape instead of it blacking out! Last edited by Bassquake; 3rd Jun at By SyncroScales in forum Capturing.

By tluxon in forum Restoration.

Which TBC to use? – VideoHelp Forum

By Drummerboy in forum Capturing. Is this TBC error? By mammo in forum Restoration. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. All times are GMT The time now is OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid How to record anything on datxvideo screen using th How to apply color correction using the Gradie Unreal Media Server Bluesky Frame Rate Co