Character sheets created especially for the Eberron Campaign Setting. sheets contain all the information from the D&D(R) Deluxe Player Character Sheets. Page 1. SRAGENS. Accessory. DELUXE. CHARACTER. SHEETS. BONUs d20 MODERNĀ° CHARACTER SHEETS INCLUDED. Page 2. Accessory. DELUXE. Title, Deluxe Eberron Character Sheets. Author, Christopher Perkins A four- page introductory character sheet designed for new players. – Four-page character.

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Deluxe Eberron Character Sheets. Results 1 to 5 of 5.

D&D Character Sheets

Deluxe Eberron Eberrron Sheets Deluxe character sheets. A fairly useful character sheet. I was expecting something like the Eberron screen, utility but nothing special beyond that. The folder includes the base tables of save and attack bonuses, as well as experience and level-dependent benefits. In terms of content, look at the back of the pack, it notes the following. Looking at the instruction, I can see why some might find Dungeons and Dragons a daunting task as the four pages here break charaacter the character sheet.

On charafter first page alone are over twenty items to chwracter note of, followed by six more, then ten more, then six more. We get two of these and while suitable for everyday use, nothing special to me. All materials arrange out with some huge spaces for action points and hit points, but little tiny spaces for special defenses. Great is given lots of room with item, location, and weight numbers, and magic item breakdown by location is good.

Strangely enough, they cram everything in so we get areas for dragonmarks, psionics, magic artificer toodomains, specialty schools, and even animal companion type information familiar or even psicrystal.

Like I said, useful but nothing special. Where are the unique sheets for each race? How about at least sheets with the racial traits of the races unique to Eberron? Things that prevent me from having to write are good! Useful but probably a little too much. Useful if you can get the players to actually fill them in.

Deluxe Eberron Player Character Sheets

They include things like challenges overcome, items found, information gained, notes, and three pages of map grids. Now this is good. The spell lists are broken down by level and include little extras.

For example, for clerics, they have two open slots for domain spells. They also have abbreviated notes on what book some spells come from because they include the various Complete Books, Races of Eberron, and the Eberron Campaign setting. On the other hand, it looks like they flubbed with some. My copy has no listing of bard spells known, just blank lines. Lots of blank lines and lots of writing. Favored soul or shugenja?

Ironically enough, others like the warlock have their invocations known listed and the artificer has his infusions listed. Heck, I remember some old character sheets that not only had the spell lists, but also had abbreviated format of what the spell did.


Now that was service. Broken down by level, we get statistics for some of the common monsters. While CR is not included, everything else is. With the lists of spells for most classes, like the ranger, druid, cleric, assassin, and blackguard, as well as the game statistics and the handy folder, which I can use for anything, the package has some potential. The various grids for adventuring maps are standard and the character sheets themselves are suitable for play.

If you like having some toys though, the book might be right up your alley. Join Date Sep Posts First of all, this is the first print product I’ve seen that wasn’t stapled together. However, this is a definite plus, since you’re expected to photocopy the relevant pages you need for your Eberron PC, and you’d probably just be pulling the staples out to do so if it had come stapled. I know I probably would. Knowing that, Wizards kindly bundled the sheets with a handy two-pocket folder with Eberron art on the cover.

That was a very nice move, as the folder can be used to hold the night’s adventure notes or what-have-you besides the character sheets. Here’s the lowdown of what you get in the 64 pages. Please note that while the pages aren’t stapled together, they are of a size that they could be to result in a normal-sized book; in other words, each separate sheet of paper is the size of two 8. I’m counting each such sheet of paper as “4 pages. The blackguard, for whatever reason – probably space – gets the list but not the extra blank lines but then how many non- Player’s Handbook blackguard spells have you seen?

Bards, favored souls, hexblades, psionic PCs, shugenja, sorcerers, spirit shamans, wizards, and wu jen just get blank lines to fill in their own spells or equivalents although the wu jen’s 0-level spell options are filled in ; presumably, it’s because either there are way too many spells to list sorcerers, wizardsor the character gets so few of them it would be silly to list and only have, say, 5 apply.

I have to question some of the pages included in the Deluxe Eberron Character Sheets product, as many of them seem like just filler material. Okay, I can see including a sheet of graph paper for making maps, but why do we need 4 copies of the 3 sheets of graph paper? Remember, the whole concept of this collection is that these pages would be photocopied before actual use.

Each page in here is the “master copy,” so why would you need duplicates of any of the pages, let alone 4 copies of some of them? One thing Playsr really liked was the four pages of monster stats for creatures summoned by the various summon monster spells.


In the interests of saving deluuxe, Chris didn’t bother doing up stats for creatures whose stats are already spelled out in the Monster Manuallimiting himself to those that have the celestial or fiendish templates applied. Best of all, Chris even added an entry at the end of each stat block showing the changes made if the summoner has the Augment Summoning feat. Of course, it would have been even better if he had correctly applied the celestial and fiendish templates to each of the creatures.

I recommend making the charactsr changes: Fiendish Dire Rat using the Augment Summoning feat: There should be no change to the “normal” fiendish dire rat’s Climb and Swim skills, as they use their Dexterity, not their Strength, for Climb and Swim – and even augmented, their Dexterity is higher than their Strength.

There should be no change to the bite attacks from that of a “normal” fiendish Medium monstrous hunting spider, as the enhanced Strength still doesn’t beat the spider’s Dexterity score and it uses Weapon Finesse in its bite attacks. Celestial Eagle using the Augment Summoning feat: Fiendish Medium Monstrous Hunting Spider: Weapon Finesse isn’t listed as a feat; it should be.

Fiendish Dire Weasel using the Augment Summoning feat: Str should be 18, not 28; probably a typo. And speaking of typos, Chris spells it “weasal” once instead of “weasel.

Fiendish Dire Ape using the Augment Summoning feat: Fiendish Huge Monstrous Ebeeron Spider: Fiendish Girallon using the Augment Summoning feat: Hit points should be 72, not Celestial Triceratops using the Augment Summoning feat: Fiendish Tyrannosaurus using the Augment Summoning feat: Hit points should benot Celestial Roc using the Augment Summoning feat: There was one other typo I noticed, “1-st level” being used instead of “1st-level.

One final quibble is that the print size might be a little small for some people to read easily, especially on the summon monster statistics and the “how to fill out charactter character sheet” instruction pages.

Taken as a whole, Deluxe Eberron Character Sheets get the job done, but with a bit sheetx repetition than I would have liked, and with some messed-up monster stats that I could have done without. I give it delluxe rating of “3 Average. And there’s lots of other ebergon with spells in them that I don’t yet own And I did ask. I don’t have the books you mentioned, which probably explains my lack of knowledge of blackguard spells.

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