The most popular is Arnold Reinhold’s Diceware list, first published in This list contains 7, words, equal to the number of possible. We’ll walk you through how to use EFF’s Long Wordlist [.txt] to generate a You can also use Arnold G. Reinhold’s Diceware word list, the original and still very. Diceware is a method for creating passphrases, passwords, and other cryptographic variables The original diceware word list consists of a line for each of the 7, possible five-die combinations. One excerpt: mulct mule.

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Diceware is a highly secure system for generate passwords.

I recommend it to anyone for password generation. Strictly speaking these are “passphrases,” not passwords.

But it’s what you’re going to enter into the little box labeled “password,” so close enough. But, once you’ve decided to use Diceware, which list do you use?


So long as the list is entirely filled with unique entries, just about any list is woed. So what matters is how easy is it to remember.

Diceware Word List Comparisons

Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of just rolling up a password, and if you don’t like it, just rolling up another. Doing so means you’re filtering out some possible passwords, which reduces your security. For maximum security, you want to commit to using whatever it rolled, exactly as it appears.

To help myself decide, I had a computer program roll up a bunch of passwords for each system so I could dlceware a sense of how memorable they were before doing my real roll. Do not use the passwords below.

That is, the word long phrases, not the individual words. They’re published, therefore you have to assume password crackers are testing them.

Also, do not use my program to generate your own password; it’s good enough for examples, but has serious security flaws for real world use. Do like Lust says and break out some actual dice to roll. Per Reinhold’s suggestion, I’m working with 6 word phrases as a reasonable default. For the EFF short lists, I’m using 8 words to reach the same level of security. Reinhold’s List Word List: In includes memorable non-words, punctuation, and the occasionally offensive word.


Diceware Passphrase Home

They attempted to remove homonyms, hard-to-spell words, and potentially offensive words. As a result, the average word length is much longer. However, the shorter list means you need diceaare words for the same security. To achieve the same security as 6 words from the long list, you need 8 words.

The result is that software could hypothetically autocomplete or correct spelling to help the user.