Arcane Society: The Dreamlight Trilogy has 3 entries in the series. The Dreamlight Trilogy book series by multiple authors includes books Fired Up, Burning Lamp, and Midnight Crystal. See the complete Dreamlight Trilogy. The complete series list for – The Dreamlight Trilogy. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time.

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The Dreamlight Trilogy is a series of romance books by an American author of science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery and thriller books Jayne Ann Krentz. Krentz has authored over 50 books and her books listed in the New York Times bestseller list.

She writes romantic suspense book in the distinct worlds: The series concluded in with Midnight Crystal. Fired Up introduces tri,ogy to Jack Winters.

Additionally, Jack believes dreamliht is developing a new psychic ability and will soon go mad. His only hope is to find a missing Burning Lamp.

According to the legends, if Jack can find someone with the abilities to manipulate the lamp, his life will be saved and Chloe seems to be the perfect solution to his problems. Chloe Harper is an investigator who the main rreamlight is to locate missing work of art, and she also has psychic abilities capable of reading psychic dreams or emanations the exact skill that our man Jack needs. However, Jack seems to have put her plans to hold.

The two are strongly attracted to each other the minute they set their eyes on each other. The Harpers have for years used their abilities for activities such as forgery, art fraud and sleight of hand. True to form, Fired Up is a fascinating start to a trilogy dreamlighh links the three worlds that Jayne Anne has built between Harmony and Arcane Society.

The book is set during contemporary times and manages to lay the foundation for the next book in the series; Burning Lamp set during the Victorian era. Her main characters, Jack and Chloe, are a great character with a good sense of partnership that mirrors almost every other couple created by Jayne.


They are intelligent, they have respect for each other, and both engage in witty dialogue. The book introduces the reader to Adelaide who was sold as a teenager, but she escaped with a strange, unstable object.

She is now known as The Widow, a reformer with a hidden talent for controlling Dreamlight. She was stubborn, ambitious, difficult, compassionate and reckless.

Adelaide now gives fallen girls a second chance to rebuild their shattered lives. Then there is Griffin Winters, who was a predator, crime lord, and legend on the streets.

He was brave, intelligent and a strategist well known across lands.

Dreamlight Trilogy by Jayne Ann Krentz

He had the abilities to manipulate shadow energy but now suffers from nightmares and hallucinations and believes that the Winters Curse has befallen him.

The two are in a position to help each other, but they are unwilling to do so because of personal reasons.

In Burning Lamp, the past plays a very crucial role. Both Griffin and Adelaide had a terrible childhood which forced them to mature too fast and learn to how to survive alone. Sylvester Jones and Nicholas Winter created arcane society but their friendship gets at longer heads, and they eventually become arch rivals. They experimented with paraphysics and alchemy to improve talents and also lengthen their lifespan. The two left some dark secrets, hidden journals, and unstable objects for the future generations and Griffin is determined to cleanse himself of this curse.

The two alchemists decided to strengthen their paranormal talents but only led to dangerous consequences. Nicholas Winters made use of the Burning Lamp to improve his ability, but the result of this action-some of his male descendants are cursed- such that they need the Lamp and woman to stabilize their abilities.

Dreamlight Trilogy

Now on the futuristic world, we meet one of the not so lucky Nicholas descendants- Adam Winters. The curse has befallen him, and hence he needs the Lamp and woman to work the Lamp so that he can stabilize his talent. Marlowe contacts Adam after the Lamp is rreamlight. From this point on, the two work together in search of the stolen Burning Lamp.


Marlowe is a drsamlight and independent young woman. Due to her talent, she believes that she will never find a man to love. Despite this, Adam and Marlowe end up in a serious relationship but they are faced with a threat for Marlowe believes that she cannot have a long-term love affair with a man. However, from their interaction is clear that they are genuinely connected to each other, and even though Adam is one of those dominating Alphas, he is willing to give Creamlight an equal chance in their relationship.

If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Our author of the month is Canadian author Opal Carew who writes erotic romance novels. Opal has yrilogy over novels with multiple book series such as the Dirty Talk series and the Abducted series.

Jack Reacher is back! Personally I thought this was the 2nd best Reacher book yet.

Dreamlight Trilogy Series Audiobooks |

Family secrets come back to haunt Reacher when he decides to visit the town his father was born in. Because when he visits there he finds out no-one with the last name of Reacher has ever lived there. It leaves him wondering – did his father ever live there? Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. We’ll yrilogy this on various factors for example “If you like Jack Reacher Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations.

One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. Dreamlifht just an incredible light sci-fi series that fans of “Dark Matter” would also enjoy. It’s free dremalight Kindle Unlimited too! Any authors or characters we’re missing that we should add? Let us know – we’re continually adding new authors and characters daily. Monthly Poll How often do you recommend the books you read?