Offered in Catawiki’s Studio equipment auction: Durst M enlarger. Excellent. This is a very nice Durst M Lens has no scratches. Overall it is in excellent condition. | eBay!. Another option is to look at secondhand enlargers such as the well built Durst M, Modular 70, M and L models which are (were).

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Ask a question Print. Description Recommended accessories Replace the current light source of your enlarger with a long-term stable modern LED panel light.

Individual adaptation is supplied by Heiland electronic. Using LEDs with the primary colors red, green, and blue allows controlling white light for focusing, as well as controlling any color separately.

Even mixed light consisting dugst green and blue is possible.

Durst M photo enlarger | eBay

Precise switching on and off is easily possible even without a shutter. Gradation and intensity can be adjusted reproducibly. Version for Durst M diffuse: A module of LEDs and a diffusor plate positioned in front ensure an evenly illuminated area of 6x9cm.


The LED cold light source replaces the halogen lighting head completely and can be installed by the user. Weight compensation and an external 24V power supply are included.

For controlling the light source you will need one of the following adapters, which both dufst also available in our shop: Exposure time is controlled rurst a timer or an analyzer, which you already own.

Luminous colors, paper grade and intensity are adjusted with radio buttons in this separate control unit. Large red digits indicate the pre-selected settings. Control by a Heiland Splitgrade system via an interface.

All adjustments are made centrally at the Splitgrade control unit.

This is the most convenient solution for your darkroom. An overview of the benefits: Replace the current light source of your enlarger with a long-term stable dursr LED panel light.