Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. Hitachi dvd video camera / recorder instruction manual dz-hsa, dz-hsa ( pages)Hitachi instruction manual dvd video camera/recorder dz-gx20ma. User manual for the device Hitachi DZ-HSA. Online user manual database.

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Operation is subject to the following two conditions: But, safety is your responsibility too. Liquid crystal display LCD and viewfinder: Among the total number of pixels approx.

Be careful of moisture condensation: When cleaning the LCD screen, be careful not to use force, scratch it, or subject it to impact: Doing such could cause a defect in the screen, result in display unevenness, or damage the LCD Read This First To guide you, we have included following manaul chapters. Table of Contents Important Information Setting Up Camera Functions Charge it before use.

DZ-HSA illustrations are used in this manual. Pull out the viewfinder.

Push the both sides of cap dz-hs300x and attach it over the lens. If you use a Hitachi VCR, etc. Function To record video p. When using an HG type double-sided disc, take great care with handling it.

To record sz-hs300a on an SD memory card and play them back Open the LCD monitor. The LCD monitor has a portion where you can hook your finger. Hook the finger there to open the monitor. Setting Date and Time Set the current date and time so that the date and time you make a recording can be recorded correctly.

The following procedure can also be used to correct the date and time you have already set. See page 51 for detailed operation procedure.

Press the MENU button dz-hs3000a to exit setting. The brightness adjustment bar will appear on the screen.

Open the cover of card insertion block. Insert card with its terminal inward until it locks. Push the center of card edge. The card will come out so that it can be held by fingers. Recording Stills Note Recording of still images is possible on card. Check the subject dz-hs3300a the screen viewfinder or LCD. On-Screen Information Various types of information will appear in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen during recording.


White balance n 4. External input still field Card: External input dz-hx300a frame Card 2. Program AE only in movie recording mode p.

The full and minimum display modes will alternate. All types of information will appear. The recording mode see 1 on page 46 and recording status see 11 on manuaal 46 will appear. Refer to page indicated for details of each function. Camera Functions Setup Not displayed when external input is being selected.

Use the tele-conversion lens or wide-conversion lens with the following filter diameter and thread pitch to record subjects for stronger telephoto or wide-angle effect: You can also manually focus a subject depending on the recording conditions.

Manually focus the following objects, which may not be automatically focused see page Objects not in the dz-hs030a of screen Objects moving rapidly Object behind glass with water droplets, dirt on it Objects with little variation in brightness, such as white wall Objects lit by neon sign, You can also manually adjust kanual exposure depending on the msnual conditions.

The exposure adjustment bar will appear on the screen. The following settings will reset to defaults: When setting Function full auto Refer to the instruction manual of Video Flash for use. Amnual you choose the shooting mode to match the recording conditions, clearer images will be recorded. Choose the desired option, and then press mahual A button. Press the MENU button to end the setting. The selected scene will be framed: Press the MENU button at a scene you wish to capture dz-ns300a playback.

The screen for verifying capture will dx-hs300a. To skip to the first image of the scene following the one being played back, and start playback. To return to the first image of the scene being played back, and start playback. You can switch the display mode of on-screen information. Recording mode Scene No. The selected scene will be framed in red and yellow. Shaded items will also appear in Quick Menu display mode see page Refer to pages indicated for details of settings.

The submenu will appear. To delete selected scenes Exit Be sure to select consecutive multiple scenes. Stills cannot be combined. There are three types of special effects: Fade Out Fade In White: Place the cursor on the scene to which fade is to be added.


The selected scenes will be skipped. Place the cursor on the scene to which skip is to be set. You can choose another image of the scene for thumbnail.

If you set a vivid image to thumbnail, you can know what you recorded from a glance at the Disc Navigation screen.

Place the cursor on the scene to be locked. You can also select multiple scenes p. This function is useful when there are numerous scenes. Point the cursor at the first or last scene to be selected: When selecting all scenes, simply proceed with step 3. Place the cursor manuql the scene whose information you wish to know. Press the MENU button.

Hitachi DZ-HS300A Instruction Manual

Program refers to an assembly of scenes recorded on the same date regardless of whether they are movie or still. The input letter will be deleted. The Disc Navigation screen of the selected play list will appear. Display the editing screen of the play list to be edited. Perform steps 3 — 4 on page Move the cursor to the play list in lower row, and place the cursor on scene to be deleted.

hitachi dz hsa manual

nanual Select the play list to be edited, and then press the A button. You can change this title at any time. Go To From the Disc Navigation screen, you can jump to the first scene or last scene, and playback will start from that point. Further recording will not be possible on protected disc until the protection is released. Finalization cannot be Before You Begin executed using a battery. If you have been using the PC, terminate all running software programs.

The setups for installation are now complete. The installer will start: The license agreement screen will appear. The drive will appear on screen as follows: Insert another disc and close the cover: