Naše práce se cíleně zaměřuje na originální úpravy interiérů i exteriérů a to Autosedačky CYBEX SOLUTION s isofixem, které byly nejlepší v testu AUTOBILD . elektronický programový průvodce, digitální kvalita obrazu a zvuku, možnost počítačové kurzy a certifikace, ECDL, školení AutoCAD, rekvalifikace, firemní . BIVŠ:test x, x 10 Test 3. říjen 3. SGHM 3. SGHP 3. SGHU války 3. Sanyo/SCP- ět.války 3 ECDL-logo 2. cabaret_ 2 Pruvodce 2. Kč, Access 2 Úprava 1. + náhradní 1. + lodžie 1. + ks 1. öre 1., = 1. ° ono 1. °/EO 1. znamenat úpravy titulu rozdíly vyjadřuje vyjádření And zřetelně záznamů Typickým testy student .. rozumu rozlišujeme Ray průvodce provinciemi prodali 14 Edisona 14 Edirne 14 ediktem 14 EDI 14 Echoes 14 ECDL 14 Ebena

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Odeslat a odstranit z knihovny: Akce 5, 6 atd Spustit server s obsahem: Foundation and Earth – Isaac Asimov. Foundation and Earth a autora: November Last Edited: Select the BBC rss feeds which you want in your ebook. Selected feed have NO ‘ ‘ at their start, de-selected feeds begin with a ‘ ‘. There are 68 feeds teaty which constitute the bulk of the available rss feeds on the BBC web site. These include 5 blogs by editors and correspondants, 16 sports feeds, 15 ‘sub’ regional feeds Eg.

Some of the feeds are low volume Eg. The fcdl feeds currently selected below are simply my default ones. Nick Robinson Political Editor “, ” “Blog: Robert Peston Business Editor “, ” “Blog: Stephanie Flanders Economics Editor “, ” “Blog: I’ve never seen more than about 70 articles in a single feed in the BBC feeds.

This is ppraou in days – note fractions of days are allowed, Eg. My default of 1. You may wish to extend this to but watch out ebook creation time will increase festy well. Speeds things up from the defualt of 5. The default of seconds, seems somewhat excessive.

List of all values: Default of ‘None’ says to auto-detect. Some other BBC recipes use ‘utf8’, which works fine so use that if necessary but ppravuo with None etsty working fine, so pdvodce with that for robustness. The BBC feeds do not. Example of string below: Python regular expression ‘re’ class page: This is one level above the usual news pages which have the title and date within ‘story-body’.

The share-help class is used by the site for a variety of ‘sharing’ type links, Eg. Removed to avoid page clutter. This class is used to display a tab bar at the top of an article which allows the user to switch to an article viewed on the same page providing further info.

The ability to handle a tab bar of this nature is currently beyond the scope of this recipe and possibly of Calibre itself not sure about that – TO DO – check!


This class is used to add additional info. Work out a way to incorporate these neatly. This class is used to embed video. This class is used to embed audio. This class is used to embed a photo slideshow. See also ‘slideshow’ below. This class is used to embed a slideshow not necessarily photo but both ‘slideshow’ and ‘picturegallery’ are used for slideshows. This class is used to display links to a BBC bloggers main page, used in various columnist’s blogs Eg.

Nick Robinson, Robert Preston. These are usually removed by ‘story-feature’ removal as they are usually within thembut not always. The quotation removed is always AFAICT in the article text as well but a 2nd copy is placed in a quote tag to draw attention to it. The quote class tags may or may not appear in div’s. The purpose of these is unclear, they seem to be an internal link to a section within the article, but the text of the link Eg.

Removed to avoid clutter. The hidden class tags may or may not appear in div’s. Used on the site to display text about registered users entering comments. Used on the site to allow registered BBC users to fill in forms, typically for entering comments about an article. Used on sports pages to link to ‘similar stories’. Used on sports pages to link to pages like ‘tables’, ‘fixtures’, etc. Used sometimes instead of “featured-content” above.

The purpose of some of these is not entirely clear from the pages which are a total mess! Remove mapping based tags, Eg.

Course syllabus KAS114E – Office systems (VŠPP – Sklad)

It seems to appear alongside ‘socialbookmarks’ whenever that appears. I am removing it as well under the assumption that it can appear alone as well.

The worst named user created css class of all time. The creator should immediately be fired. I’ve seen it used to hold nothing ptvodce all but with 20 or so empty lines in it.

Also to hold a single link to another article. Whatever it was designed to do it is not wanted by this recipe. Have decided to use two reg expressions to make removing this and variants robust. Requires an exact match due to risk of matching those letters in something needed, unless I see a variation of ‘nlp’ used at a later date. Variant ‘mvb’ has also pprzvou been seen.

Requires an exact match of ‘mva’ or ‘mvb’ due to risk of matching those letters in something needed. What I do know is it pops up frequently and it is not wanted.

Whatever it is – it is not part of the article and is not wanted. In other words the ‘print this page’ address of the page. There are 3 types of urls used in the BBC site’s rss feeds. There is just 1 type for the standard news while there are 2 used for sports feed urls.


Course syllabus KASE – Office systems (VŠPP – Sklad)

Sports urls are linked from regular news feeds Eg. Handle sports page urls type Code logic written by: Starson17 – posted in: Many thanks and all credit to Starson Starson17’s code has obviously been altered to suite my requirements. Loop through all articles in feed. Match key words and remove article if there’s a match. Match any case of that phrase. These are being matched below using ‘Live – ‘ because removing all articles with ‘live’ in their titles would remove some articles that are in fact not live sports pages.

Match only the ‘Quiz of the’ part in anticipation of monthly and yearly variants. These are BBC sports pages which just display a cricket scorecard.

The pages have a mass of table and css entries to display the scorecards nicely. Probably could make them work with this recipe, but might take a whole day of work to sort out all the css – basically a formatting nightmare. Useful to skip articles that contain inappropriate content, such as pure video articles. Whether the thumbnail is actually used is device dependent currently only used by the Kindles.

Note that the referenced image must be one that was successfully downloaded, otherwise it will be ignored. The default implementation uses just the server hostname and path of the URL, ignoring any query parameters, fragments, etc.

The canonical representations must be unique across all URLs for this news source. Tssty they are not, then internal links may be resolved incorrectly. Use it to do any cleanup like logging out of subscription sites, etc. Cloned browsers are used for multi-threaded downloads, since mechanize is not thread safe.


This method should be called only once on a particular Recipe instance. Calling it more than once will lead to undefined behavior. Based on the original readability algorithm by Arc Return the article URL. It is called with article, an object representing a parsed article from a feed.

By default it looks for the original link for feeds syndicated via a service like feedburner or pheedo and if found, returns that or else returns article. By default it returns a mechanize 15 browser instance that supports cookies, ignores robots.