The current ecorediag metamodel definition cannot be opened in post-Kepler distributions. We might as well use Xcore. This is definitely for a. project, 2 years ago. ties · Renamed projects, 2 years ago. plugin. xml · Migrated EMF metamodel from ecorediag to xcore. Fixes #72, 2 years ago. The diagrams can’t be properly displayed (please see attached file).

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EcoreTools – Graphical Modeling for Ecore

For simplicity sake, the different steps meta-model, model creation, as well as model handling through Kermeta introduced in the scope of this tutorial are illustrated by means of the finite state machines classical example. Enter a name for the meta-model file e. Choose EPackage as the Model Object i.

If Omondo is installed, the meta-model can be edited by means of the Omondo graphical editor. However, this tutorial focuses on the creation of meta-models using the Sample Ecore Editor. Then click on the created EPackage.

Two properties of the created EPackage which is initially displayed as null have to be set through the Properties tab:. So put it http: At this stage, it is now possible to add children to the created root which is fsm EPackage in the considered example. This could be achieved by right-clicking on the class and choosing the New child item. Adding operations, attributes, or references to the newly created classes is achieved in the same way classes have been added to the root EPackage, i.


Still through the Properties tab, the EContainment property will have to be set to true for each reference which intended to contain instances. In the scope of the automaton example, the state reference of the Fsm class are defined as containment reference, and also the outgoingTransition reference in the State metaclass. By this mean, it will be possible to create, in an EMF model of it, a collection of transitions and states.

Setting properties, such as the upper and lower bounds, the type ETypeof the attributes, operations, and references is achieved through the Properties view. The main properties to consider are: For ecorediah purpose, other properties can be ignored in the scope of this tutorial.

eclipse – How to convert a ecore File to a ecorediag File – Stack Overflow

At this stage of the tutorial, the designed meta-model should look like the following meta-model:. You can also edit these ecore file ecofediag a diagram editor from Eclipse Ecore Tools Project.

For example, the ecore tools project provides a class diagram editor that works on top of ecore files. The diagram informations ie. Sample use of Ecore tool diagram editor on top of an ecore file. Creating a good meta-model edorediag sometime difficult due to limitations of the used tools.

For a better experience in using EMF tools and Kermeta, it is advised to respect the following rule:. Create an element that will contain directly or indirectly ecorediab the other elements. The reflexive editor and the editor generated by EMF allow to create only one root element and then, from this element, create contained elements.


This problem occurs only for model element creation from the editors. The ecoreidag correctly display models from meta-models that do not follow this rule if you are able to create such models by another mean.

Kermeta is not affected by this constraint. EMF tools are not the only way to create Ecore meta-models. Any tool that can manipulate Ecore can do the same. Here is a small list of tools that can be used to create your meta-model:. It even enables to directly generate the EMF editor from this tool. Kermeta allows users to specify meta-models by means of the Kermeta syntax and then translate them into Ecore using the Kermeta2Ecore function.

It will act as a basic manual roundtrip editor. Create a meta-model for Kermeta programs.

User Guide

Editing a new meta-model with the EMF sample editor. Metamodel with EMF sample editor.

Metamodel with Ecore Tools Diagram Editor. EMF meta-model creation tips. Alternative ways to create a meta-model.