White-tailed Kite · Elanus leucurus · (Vieillot, ). Order: ACCIPITRIFORMES 31 foreground recordings and 6 background recordings of Elanus leucurus. figure, drawing, illustration of White-tailed Kite (Elanus leucurus) E. l. leucurus ( Vieillot, ) – Panama and W & E Colombia E to the Guianas and N Brazil. A largely pale raptor easily identified by its entirely white tail and black shoulder patches. Note the white head and red eyes (visible at close range). Sexes are.

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White-tailed kite

The white-tailed kite Elanus leucurus is a small raptor found in western North America and parts of South America. The white-tailed kite was described in by the French ornithologist Elqnus Jean Pierre Vieillot under the binomial name Milvus leucurus with the type locality as Paraguay.

The specific epithet leucurus is from the Ancient Greek leucouros for “white-tailed”: For some recent decades, it was lumped with the black-winged kite of Europe and Africa as Elanus caeruleus and was collectively called black-shouldered kite.


Meanwhile, the Old World E.

The coloration of the white-tailed kite is gull -like, but its shape and flight is falcon-like, with a rounded tail. Mainly white underneath, it has black wingtips and shoulders. Leucurhs the wings, at 29— The tarsus measures around 3. The white-tailed kite was rendered almost extinct in California in the s and s due to shooting and egg-collectingbut they are now common again. Their distribution is patchy, however. Elsewhere, they are still rare or absent.

Globally, they are not considered threatened species by the IUCN. At different times, two had been sighted in New England as of Lecuurus kites feed principally on rodentsand they are readily seen patrolling or hovering over lowland scrub or grassland.

Amerikai kuhi

They rarely if ever eat other birdsand even in open cerradomixed-species feeding flocks will generally ignore them. White-tailed kites have been observed in aerial combat at the margins of territories, locking talons in a behaviour described as “grappling”.


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Raptors of the World. Hummingbird antics and some rare visitors”.

Elanus leucurus

Revista Brasileira de Biologia. Retrieved from ” https: Rio Grande Valleys Birds described in CS1 French-language sources fr Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata.

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