Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant will show you why some people achieve Robert Kiyosaki – Cashflow , Rich Dad Poor Dad, Financial Leverage. How to Apply the Cashflow Quadrant Concept. All of us in one way or another desire financial security and many of us dream of attaining financial freedom. The book summary of Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki to understand why a certain group of people become rich and others.

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Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant. It was a diagram known as the Cash Flow Quadrant.

The Cashflow Quadrant: How You Earn Income Matters

And the Quaerant is made of four different people who make of the business world. So my rich dad said, “In the business world there are E s and E stands for employees. And the employees, you can always tell who they are by their core values.

An employee with the president, the generator of the company, will always say the same words. The words are, “I’m looking for a safe, secure job with benefits. The other one of the four is the S for the small business owner or the self-employed and again their core values will cause them to use the same words which are, “If you want it done right, do it by yourself.

Generally one person act, they operate by themselves. And my rich dad said, “the B stood for big business, or like Bill Gates. For B s define big business as employees or more. And their words are different. They’ll say, “I’m looking for good system, good network, and the smartest people I know to help run my business.


They want smart people run the company for them. And then, the fourth of the Cash Flow Quadrant is the I.

And the I stands for the investor. These are people who have money work hard for them. These people in the B Quadrant have people work hard quzdrant them. So, early on in my life it was my poor dad who always said to me, “You know Robert, go to school, get a high paying job He wanted a job security, promotions, steady pay check and all these.

And so it was my rich dad who said to me, “You know, Robert, if you really want to be rich, learn to build businesses. Something you own, and something you pass on from generation to generation to your kids. Whereas my poor dad said, “work hard So my rich dad suggested I learn how to be a qquadrant owner and learn how to be an investor. And that’s where the qudrant difference is. On the left side of the Cash Flow Quadrant, these people work for security, they work for money also.

On the right side of the Cash flow Quadrant the B and I people’s key value, what eshi want is they want Freedom, financial liberty. They don’t want to have to work in a job anymore. They don’t want to have to work for the rest of their lives.

So the beauty of building a business and learning how to invest is very simply that this is passive income. You work hard for a few years and possibly for the rest of your life that passive income keeps flowing to you.

From to the value of the dollar has declined steadily. So, why would you save something that loses money every year? And what does this mean for you or for somebody on the retirement plans, if the value of the dollar goes down and your cost of living keeps going up after you retire?


Robert Kiyosaki explains why: I’m like many people, early on, Eabi had a very negative or close-minded attitude toward network marketing system. But I’ve changed my mind. I’ve opened up the way to think, and I looked into the network marketing industry.

The CASHFLOW Quadrant and Stock Investing

And I found some things that are extremely beneficial, especially for those people who look for changes from E and S to B and I in the Cash Flow Quadrant. Communications and sales skills are essential for somebody in the B Quadrant. And network marketing companies, not all of them but some of them, have excellent training program that will teach you how to sell, how to communicate, how to build businesses Many people would not go to ezbi B Quadrant because they are afraid of rejection.

Multi level marketing teaches you how to handle your own fears, fear of rejection, and build that self-confidence.

That’s essential for the B Quadrant. Back to the Top. If you are a Christian, auadrant you are looking for Affordable Healthcare click on the image: To my rich dad that was bad advice and made no sense.