30 out. ISOMERIA OPTICA Luz Polarizada Isomeria Optica São substâncias que pussuem a propriedade de desviar a luz polarizada. Dextrogera. optical isomerìsm optische Isomerie f, isomeria _f óptica Spiegelbildisomerie f optically active optisch aktiv òpticamente activo optically active. de absorción atómica 1 78 Espectrómetros de absorción atómica 1 72 Espectrómetros de emisión óptica 1 72 Estela Estereoisomería Esteroles

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ISOMERIA OPTICA by jose netto on Prezi

Atropisomerism is a special kind of stereoisomeric relationship that arises from the freezing of a certain conformation of an organic molecule, associated with a high rotational barrier about a single covalent bond. Atropisomerism has been originally described in orto -functionalyzed biphenyl estereoisomeroa, but a lot of other organic functionalities can present this structural phenomenon, characterized by the presence of chiral properties in compounds that don’t present classical stereogenic centers.


Atropisomeric compounds, intermediates and catalysts have well-know importance in organic synthesis, but the influence of the axial chirality in substances able to modulate biological systems is still not very exploited in drug design and development.

In estereoisomeriaa context, the present account describes the importance of this structural property in the medicinal chemistry of different classes of bioactive compounds or therapeutic agents, emphasizing how atropisomerism could affect the molecular recognition of a ligand or a prototype by the target bioreceptor.

O processo apresentou-se bastante eficiente e os produtos obtidos mostraram grande estabilidade mesmo a elevadas temperaturas. Desta forma, o DC pode ser utilizado, por ex.

O extrato de Hypericum perforatum L. Esses resultados levaram Bringmann et al.

Por sua vez, Shi et al. Estudos paralelos realizados por Guo et al.

Um outro tipo interessante de atropoisomerismo foi relatado por Randall et al. Aqui pode ser citado o trabalho de Reymond et al.

isomería | Spanish to English Translation – Oxford Dictionaries

Em trabalho de Albert et al. Em outro trabalho relacionado com o desenvolvimento de antagonistas de receptores NK 1Ishichi et al.


New York,p. Asymmetry13 Nova26 Nova27 All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal.

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